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Feedback after playing on K3


Apr 18, 2016
I have always been a Kronos-Enthusiast, even when I played on Lightbringer, I always defended Kronos when someone trashtalked it. I started playing on Kronos 2, the main problem there was the 2 week DDoS issue, but after that was fixed I thought it was a good experience.

In my opinion, the quality of the server depends on the development and community. If the development is going in the right direction and theres a good community, then I like the server.
However, I'm quite disappointed with K3 so far. Somehow is feels worse than K2. There have been bugs that were fixed on K2, the pathfinding overhaul caused a ton of new issues, questionable decisions regarding item progression and PvP.

My suggestions:

1) Either go full 1.12.1 patch for items or go full patch progression for items (stats, item releases, all progressive).
The current Kronos system is somewhere in between and makes no sense. If 1.12 PvP gear is available, might as well make all 1.12 gear available. If you wanted to go the blizzlike route, go full progressive. You could just get all the progressive patch info from Light's Hope open source database. Or just go full 1.12 which is also fine.
If you go progressive itemization, you also need to provide documentation to the players about which items are available. This info is not that easily found from the internet, you would need to use wayback machine, so alot of players are confused and farming items that aren't even available.

2) Open all internal reports to the public, which don't involve exploits of some sort. The only reason to have internal reports is to stop people from exploiting, if the bug report involves an exploit. Otherwise having open reports is beneficial, then everyone can weigh in and look for evidence or test stuff, leading to a better bug fix. Keeping it hidden just causes controversy.

3) Change the /who feature to show currently online players. Yes, it isn't blizzlike, but on private servers it is important to know how many players are online. If you hide it, it just causes controversy again.

4) Revert the change to drop battleground queues when you enter a battleground. This isn't blizzlike. Currently Arathi Basin rarely pops, because people queue for both battlegrounds and WSG will pop first, since it requires less people. This also allows pugs to dodge premades, which is fine, considering the premade would just stomp and GY farm them.

5) Don't release world bosses at 8 am. People want to participate in the first kills and see the huge PvP event.

6) Don't make stealth changes. People will notice, be annoyed and cause controversy. I'm talking about the stealth nerfs to DM farming. Cho'Rush healing Gordok while ignoring LoS, Zevrim Thornhoof ignoring LoS on Sacrifice and also dropping threat on Sacrifice.

7) Change armor values back to 4691. Even if 3791 is blizzlike, back in retail people didnt stack all armor debuffs to make the boss have 0 armor. This is way too overpowered and drastically lowers the kill times. In general, it's always better to have more difficult content than easier content.

8) Disable .join commands at lvl 60, enable them only for levelers. While you're leveling, you don't want to wait in capital city to do BGs, but if you can .join from anywhere in the world, it keeps BGs popping even while lvling. However at lvl 60, this is just used to farm more honor by wpvping.
Dec 25, 2014
Good feedback!
Just a few thoughts:
3) was asked many tomes. They wont do it. They argue that with unknown population, blizzard will not consider kronos beeing a threat and therefore leave us alone.

4) they tried it, but i led to alot of games that were left with too little players and it allows premade/premade dodging.

7) imo they should keep it blizzlike even if it makes some bosses easier

8) even though i like the command, i agree. This might help a little bit against gankers. Though i dont think the effect will be very big initially.


Nov 7, 2015
very good post!

ad 1) i agree. if they take full 1.12 maybe retune raids like they did with naxx. make it, otherwise it's perfectly fine.
ad 3) personally i don't care about that but unfortunately there are many ppl who want to see big numbers. still think players don't need to know the exact population count. most important thing is that the server feels alive.
ad 8) 100% agree. disable join command for lvl60!

all in all great feedback. i hope staff will take it into consideration! i won't get my hopes up tho :/
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