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Feedback to the Worldboss Release


New Member
Mar 16, 2018

I’m SowlEye, Kronos-Enthusiast, Alliance-Player and <Wipe Club>-Member. With this thread I want to give some insight in the procedures inside an active Raiding Guild that participates both in PvE and PvP during the time of the Worldboss Release and give constructive feedback based off that. This is adressed in particular to Chero, but also to the whole Kronos Staff and the Community.

The amount of people who have the time at hand to literally come online at any time possible regardless the timezone and regardless the circumstances is very small, even the most hardcore of our players can only play as much as they can with precise timing in the beforehand, so a timeframe is needed to enable them to play as much as they can. Based off this it’s obvious to compete on a high level in World-PvP you need numbers and you get those by planning ahead.

On Alliance-side we created a coalition of guilds who had the ressources to actually participate on a competitive level and bring the players you need to actually make a difference at a Worldboss Site. But even with that big of a potential playerpool, it’s a tough ask to tell people to log online when the date is chosen suboptimally for EU and in general (Wednesday 8 am?), and then in addition to that the actual time of the announcement is made publicly not even 6 hours before the actual launch.

The question if the Respawn Timer starts or the Bosses spawn instantly just added another obstacle in actually giving people reasons to take time off other stuff to commit to the game and to the Server. Because I imagine that’s the ultimate goal of every Private Server-Staff, to get as many players playing and commit to the game with as much dedication as possible. But this release-strategy just supports the opposite: If I don’t know if the worldboss even spawn, why should I (for example) take time off work?

All in All I think the communication- and release-strategy of the Kronos Staff, or rather Chero in particular, is not benefitting the game experience currently, and I think the time of typing a paragraph in the #Announcement-Section of the Kronos Discord in relation to the actual positive impact it would have to the community is really well invested.

Last but not least I want to say Congratulations to <Vanguard>, <Mafia> and all the other guilds on Horde side who we faced off at the Worldboss Site, well done!

- SowlEye


Feb 9, 2016
I imagine that’s the ultimate goal of every Private Server-Staff, to get as many players playing and commit to the game with as much dedication as possible.
Actually considering all the decisions that staff made for K3, I think the goal was the opposite


Apr 25, 2016
I am not salty about the world bosses. The Horde showed great presence and deserved both kills. I congratulate that and as 3words said, this was quite expected.

That being said, I want to stress how much more a release time like this hurts the weak faction compared to the strong faction. If Horde had 20 mages and Alliance had 5, then removing 50% of each due to an unpopular time means that Alliance is left with almost no mages (we had 2, lol) and Horde still has 10+. 10 vs 2.5 is MUCH MUCH worse than 20 vs 5.

If this content was released during prime time, it could have been epic. It could have been fought for for hours. It does not matter if we are facing 150 or 400 people tbh, as long ss we have at least 2-3 raids there that can interfere.

Compared to K2, world bosses were pathetic. They were epic for many months on K2 but truly lackluster (current K1 factors of lackluster).

It is quite difficult to find any redeemif qualities of Kronos Team and K3 at this point, as every decision made seems to be god awful and void of any effort or thought process.

- The super slow time line
- The leveling race being pooped on
- The shit pathing. Pathing was always find, now it’s a joke.
- Don’t get me started on .join
- The half assed item progression. And now it’s Kronos team saying “I knew players don’t want peogressive”. We do, we just don’t want you to fuck it up.
- The MC launch was an awful joke, with MC working fine for 2 years

Seriously, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand why the launch was lackluster... Did you even discuss this internally? I talked to GMs that had no idea how things would be launched and were left speculating with me.

Honestly, the only thing that did not get worse is server performance.

If you don’t have time to do things right, why bother with all the firlefanz at all? Could just slap on a carbon copy of K2 and be done with it... I am grateful for the ambitious trying but pushing sonmany experimental changes and half assing the rest was objectively a big mistake.


Apr 28, 2016
I've been trying to get an answer to your question many times. I think that either Chero didn't know how the Worldbosses are gonna spawn or he didn't care to inform his team of GMs.

Either way another exeptional content release Kronos, 2/2 so far, proud of you.


Jan 15, 2009
Come on, everyone knows that with release, it means that those bosses will be spawned right after server restart. After they are killed, random respawn timer between 5 and 7 days starts.
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