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Forum authorization


Forum Administrator
Jan 5, 2009
Please note that automatic Forum Authorization is not functional due to forum engine change. We're working on the adjustments. Until then please contact Speawy for manual Authorization. All rules bellow are still valid !

What is it?
  • Authorized user on the forum is a player who paired his forum account with his ingame account.
  • It is therefore a user whose identity was verified by the system and his behavior is assumed to be (somehow) reasonable.
  • It is a special usergroup players can join based on the authorization process.

What do I gain (forum)?
  • New posts / topics will be not flagged for moderation in several forum sections.
  • Visible label that you are an Authorized User, thus informing other users that you are not some "fake" user spreading false information or just spamming the forum but you are a user whose ingame identity is 100% known to the Twinstar team and that you would risk penalty both on the forum and in-game by your inappropriate behavior.
  • More characters and elements in the forum signature
  • Linking external images in your forum signature
  • and other benefits that will be added in time..

What do I gain (TwinHead)?
  • Report bugs (WotlK only)
  • Edit, detach and delete your own comments
  • Vote for issues
  • Create articles (planned feature)
  • more coming...

What are the conditions for authorization?
  • The authorization (linking your ingame account to your forum account) can be realized with an ingame account meeting the following requirements:
    • The account must be older than 30 days. (14 days for the Ares and Kronos realms)
    • You need to have at least one character on your account with level at least 75 on the WotLK realms, or at least 65 level on the TBC realm, or at least 19 level on the Vanilla realm
    • Your ingame account must NOT have an active BAN

  • Your forum account must NOT have an active BAN or MUTE
  • Your have to behave like an intelligent human being :)

How to authorize?
  • If you meet the conditions above, you can perform the authorization via ingame account manager.
  • In case you have multiple ingame accounts, choose the one which you want to be authorized with.
  • Enter your forum nickname and confirm.
  • If you meet the conditions, your account will be authorized immediately. Otherwise the system will give you an error message.
  • Once you finish the authorization, you can never change the authorized nickname on the forum!

What else should I know?
  • One person may own only one authorized forum account. If we discover that somebody has authorized multiple forum nicknames with multiple ingame accounts, we will remove his authorized status from ALL his nicknames and the person shall be issued with sanction on all his ingame accounts. Simply said: Don't do that!
  • Status of the authorized user it is a privilege!
  • The status can be removed at any time, temporarily or permanently, even without giving a reason!
  • Your ingame BAN will not influence your forum account by default, but even that can happen in extreme cases.
  • On the other hand, violating the forum rules might impact on your ingame account! (Note that we have ways to discover unauthorized forum users' ingame accounts too, and they can also be endowed with tropical fruits!)
  • Abusing the authorization system will be rewarded with a permanent BAN on your ingame account.

In conclusion
Please keep on mind that purpose of this system is not meant to divide the community into "we like" and "the others" parts. Registration on the forum is open to everyone, even to users that does not play on Twinstar but would like to talk about WoW and about what is going on here and there. Registered users will only be subject to moderation in few forum sections. They are normal forum users and their activities and suggestions will not be overlooked nor ignored by the Twinstar team.

If you have any problems regarding the authorization, feel free to contact us via PM, IRC or Email.

Summary of differences between the standard and the authorized user.




Data storage

5 MB

8 MB

Avatar size limit



Amount of characters in the forum signature*



Amount of rows in the forum signature



Linking of external pictures in the forum signature



Amount of pictures in the forum signature



*First number is the limit including characters/symbols within BB TAGs, second number is the limit without BB TAGs.
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TwinStar.cz Project Leader
Jan 5, 2009
Level requirements for vanilla realm has been lowered to level 19. Also Vote feature on TwinHead is now only for authorized users (as previously announced).


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Oct 15, 2017
Hi, I've been trying to contact speawy thru the forum direct messages but hadn't any luck.
I'm returned "Oops! We ran into some problems. You may not start a conversation with the following recipients: Speawy."
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