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  • Dear Guest,

    We're aware about the forum slowness which is caused by network issue. We're working on the resolution. Sorry for the inconvinience.

    Thank you for your understanding.
  • Dear Guest,

    After MANY hours we managed to successfully move our forum+database to new web server AND migrate to brand new xenForo2 engine. We had several show-stoppers which required a lot of manual work but we here we are, opening our doors again.

    Please note that this is still work-in-progress. Several functions are not yet in operational state. There is still lot things to do.

    See THIS thread for actual infomation.

    Thank you for your understanding.

Forum migration state


Forum Administrator
Here is a list of the tasks. I'll be updating it on-the-fly. Feel free to comment and/or report major bugs. Minor thins will be handled later.

Completed tasks:
Server + DB migration
Main migration to xenForo2 engine
Encoding conversion
Forums and posts import
Users and Groups
Anti-Spam protection

Blacklist forms - Please report rules violation directly to GMs (Discord, IRC, ...)
Dark template (70%)
Old URL redirects
Custom BB codes
Twinhead integration
BB Code Table support

Known issues:
Thread prefixes are too long
LUA syntax highlight
Facepalm button is missing !
Some IMGs are not loaded properly - see details

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Artemis & Hyperion GameMaster
Is there a way to exclude specific sections from "new posts"? Now it's just a mess of threads from all realms and it's impossible to tell them apart. The old forum had this functionality. Edit: Now it's also full of blacklist posts.

Also team membes have <br />s under their names.
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Budou přeneseny i thready z původního fóra jako sekce addony pro Artemis, která byla nyní nahrazena prakticky prázdnou sekcí Addony pro Cataclysm?

edit: Tak už jsem to našel, bylo to tedy hlouběji než sem se za poslední týdny díval. Nezbývá než doufat, že aktuální rozložení sekcí není finální.
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Forum Administrator
@Lukadoss We're using Invisible Captcha. Meaning captcha is shown only in case if system can not automatically verify validity of the end-user requests. It does not mean that there is no protection, but in most cases it is handled "silently".


Forum Administrator
Not so much so far, the performance issues are (were) causing problems with the update and add-on installations. Once JeniCZek will fix the network issues i will continue on the missing parts. Maybe he already did it ...i can not say as i am on business trip right now. I'll be back next week so i hope i will handle the most crucial things before Christmas.

Plan is as follows:
- Fix the performance issue (Jeniczek)
- Complete the missing parts (XF engine update, Blacklist reports, URL rewrite (for old links), table BB code support, ...)
- Do "something" with the index page of forum*
- Dark template
- Rest of the things

*We'd like to find out some nice way how to make the forum more clear but we don't want to go with the "sub-sub-sub-sub-(sub)-forum" way. We had this before and it was a mess as well. So we need to find out a clever solution which will be suitable for most of the community no matter if Hades or Artemis. I have an idea in my head but i haven't tested if it is possible with the XF engine. Of course if you have some idea let us know.
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