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Forum rules [Last update: 1 March 2017]

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Forum Administrator & Apollo Co-Admin
Apr 5, 2011
By registering on the Twinstar.cz forum, you agree with the following rules and commit to abide by them.​

1. General rules of Twinstar (also "TS") forum

  • All users shall read the forum rules and abide by them. Breaking the rules results in specific consequences.
  • Every user has a right to use only 1 forum account. Any attempts to evade a ban will be considered a gross violation of the forum rules.
  • It is forbidden to violate any laws of the Czech Republic.
  • It is forbidden to produce posts containing or referring to pornographic, politically extreme, immoral or insulting materials which may be contrary to law. It is also forbidden to produce posts containing or referring to registration/activation keys, hacks, cracks, exploits and/or other illegal materials including illegal software and warez.
  • It is forbidden to contribute to the discussion in a way that does not correspond with the topic and/or is not appropriate or relevant considering the forum section where the topic is placed. This rule does not apply to the "Sandbox" section.
  • It is strictly forbidden to pretend to be a Twinstar team member (by having the same or similar name, avatar, signature, ...). The same applies to all former members of the TS team with the "Team Veteran" status.
  • It is forbidden to use excessively offensive language, swearwords and/or insults. It is also forbidden to express improper views about any user of any of the Twinstar.cz services or about anybody from the Twinstar Team.
  • All users shall respect the Twinstar.cz server rules. If any user knows about or is aware of any violation of the server rules, he/she shall give notice to any of the team members. It is strictly forbidden to post links referring to bugs to be abused, exploits or hacks as well as to post any instructions or guides how to hack or abuse/exploit bugs.
  • It is forbidden to do any business (selling, purchasing, trading) with in-game comodities (gold, items etc.) where these comodities are offered or demanded for real money, for currency/accounts/characters/other comodities from a different game or for anything else not related to WoW on TwinStar.cz.
  • It is forbidden to sell, purchase or do any other business with game accounts and/or characters on the forum.
  • On the entire forum, it is forbidden to insert any links or information related to gainful occupations based on generating profit via a referral system or by receiving advertising materials.
  • It is forbidden to promote or to use an advertisement to refer to any entrepreneurial project in order to increase its profits.
  • Any behaviour contrary to the rules or to any instructions from the Twinstar team member is undesirable and in extreme case might result in restricting access to any/all of the services provided by Twinstar.cz.
  • The extent and form of a potential penalty is entirely up to the forum moderator. If requested by him/her, any punishment imposed on the forum can result in imposing a punishment in-game (so called linked punishments).
  • The TS team reserves the right to modify or remove any part of all the rules and regulations contained in this post or to add any new rule(s) or regulation(s).
  • It is forbidden to abuse the feature "Report Post", which serves solely to report posts that violate the forum rules or valid laws of the Czech Republic and/or the European Union.

2. Rules for post, signatures, avatars

  • Images larger than 640x480 pixels or bigger than 200kB shall not be inserted into the post directly (so they would display in the post). Such images shall only be referred to by a link.
  • The maximum size of an image in the signature cannot exceed 500x100 pixels or 100kB (500x150 and 300kB for authorized users)! The maximum height of an image in the signature cannot exceed 200 pixels (larger images are trimmed by a special script). Both the image and the signature shall not be of such nature as to violate any other forum rules.
  • All users shall respect any additional rules, instructions and requests given by moderators or by any other member of the TS team.
  • It is forbidden to insert any links or names (including commonly used abbreviations) referring to, relating to and/or representing other game servers dealing with an activity that is same as or similar to the one(s) Twinstar.cz deals with into posts, signatures, avatars or into any other visible part of the forum.
  • All users shall respect and abide by the instructions of any member of the TS team.
  • In case there are any additional or specific rules for a particular forum section, all users shall read and respect them.
  • The title of the thread shall convey what the thread's content is. Titles like "pls help", "I have a problem" or "question" are undesirable.
  • All users shall read through both the forum rules and the rules of individual sections. The moderator is not obliged to point them out to users.
  • The TS team reserves the right to modify, move or remove any content that is contrary to the rules and/or is considered undesirable with its author having no right to any compensation.

3. Blacklist rules

  • The only users that can post to a thread in Blacklist are the user who has brought the accusation, the user accused and the GM (moderator) who is dealing with the given report.
  • The previous rule does not apply to posts that disprove, explain or bring some additional information to what has been reported.
  • The accusation shall be supported by screenshots that prove the reported deed beyond any doubt.
  • The body of evidence shall not be modified in any way (deleting nicks, chat logs etc.).
  • Any off-topic posts will be deleted.

4. Complaints and reporting forum issues

  • Any post contrary to the rules can be reported via the "Report post" feature (symbol [
    ] ). After a short description is filled in, the report can be submitted and is sent to all moderators.
  • Any general complaints about a particular user behaving inappropriately or an issue requiring a major intervention can be reported to any of the moderators.
  • Any technical issues are to be reported into this section.
  • Any forum issues which cannot be resolved without providing personal or sensitive information are to be reported directly to the forum administrator, Eth0.
  • If you want to complain about a member of the TS team, you can do so following these instructions:
    • A complaint about a moderator can be filed and sent to the head moderator via a PM or an email within 3 days from the incident.
    • A complaint about the head moderator can be filed and sent to the administrator of the server via a PM or an email within 3 days from the incident.
    • A complaint about any other member of the TS team can be filed and sent to the head of the "sub-team" (GM -> Head GM, EM -> Head EM etc.) via a PM or an email within 3 days from the incident.

Point system for violating forum rules

  • Any undesirable and/or rule-breaking behaviour can result in a penalty imposed by the moderator. There are two forms of punishment, Warning and Infraction.
  • Warning means that the user is only informed about the fact he violated the rules and warned not to do it again. No points are issued.
  • Infraction means that the user is given certain amount of points depending on how serious the violation of the rules is. If any user reach or exceed the limit of 18 points, our system will automatically block his account for 10 days.
  • Points issued for violations of the rules have certain period of "validity" depending on how serious the violation of the rules is. As soon as this period is over, the points are removed from the user's account by our system.
  • Besides everything mentioned above, there is another form of punishment, MUTE. Muted users have their rights restricted to just basic read-only access.

List of violations with corresponding amount of points

  • The point system and the amount of points issued for individual violations have been changed. If any user is given two infractions for the same violation and the second infraction is given at the time when the first infraction is still "valid", the periods of "validity" add up. This applies to all violations listed below. The current state:

PointsValidity (days)


[TD="align: center"]

[TD="align: center"]


Violation of forum rules

[TD="align: center"]4[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]30[/TD]


[TD="align: center"]5[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]60[/TD]

Inappropriate language

[TD="align: center"]6[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]60[/TD]

Flame, trolling, insults

[TD="align: center"]8[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]90[/TD]

Promoting other server(s)

[TD="align: center"]9[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]90[/TD]

Link to server with inappropriate content

[TD="align: center"]12[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]180[/TD]


[TD="align: center"]12[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]180[/TD]

Other violation

[TD="align: center"]X[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]X[/TD]

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