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Horde <Frostwolf> Eu announcing its establishment on Kronos 3


New Member
Feb 25, 2018
The <Frostwolf> Clan is hereby announcing its establishment upon the 27th along with the honor update!

We will be participating in raiding and pvp fighting both the loathed Stormpike & disasters such as Ragnaros. We will be recruiting promising candidates for our core

We realize that every wolf has its private life outside of the battlefield, however we also expect our wolves to perform their best for when we progress and keep up morale as we slay our way through countless foes.

Bloodthirsty and always prepared the Frostwolf stalks its prey and prepares for the hunt. would you like to know how it feels to have countless brothers amongst the horde and being the first line of defense against calamities threatening Azeroth or simply defeating the stormpike and their alliance brethren ?

Feeling like a lonewolf amongst groups of domesticated dogs ?

Dreams of challenges that make or break you alongside friends is only a howl away?

Winter is coming and like the Frostwolf we are prepared, are you ?

Signup for the Frostwolf clan now and experience the birth of a fresh guild

Raid Schedule: Wed and Sun. Invite 20h15 (server time), pull 20h30 and raid off 23h30.

Discord: https://discord.gg/7GdQaFw


New Member
Jul 9, 2018
I joined Frostwolf Clan and within 5 seconds my client crashed. I logged in again, and the same thing happened. I had never crashed before so once I got in again I immediately left the guild. No more crashes. I was contacted and asked about leaving and I explained the occurrence. Very bizarre.

He mentioned it was a known issue due to too many characters in the guild and he needed to remove a bunch of inactive characters to fix the problem. After this, I re-joined and had no crash issues for the next couple of days; and then it started happening again which forced me to remove myself once again.

I really enjoyed the short time I was in the guild, seemed like good fun people. Now I'm guild-less and wondering if there is more to be known about this bug, if it was only affecting me for some reason, if its a problem in other guilds etc.

Can a bug report be submitted? Is that a thinking on Kronos3? I've only been here for a week or so, so I'm still learning how things are handled.
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