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Future of Kronos 1 PvP


Oct 20, 2014
This thread might seem salty, but I'm just trying to see if anyone has ideas in order to fix some issues.

Please try to keep this constructive and don't shittalk (you can do that via /w if you want lol).

@Kronos 2 players: Feel free to join the discussion but don't try to make this about you again.

I saw alot of threads about Kronos 2 being a dodgefest lately.
Still they got more BG's (even different ones) popping than on Kronos 1.

Just check last honor flush Kronos 1 vs. Kronos 2.

Kronos 1: http://armory.twinstar.cz/honor-ladder.xml?realm=Kronos -> 1219
Kronos 2: http://armory.twinstar.cz/honor-ladder.xml?realm=Kronos+II -> 2065

This will get worse the longer we wait since K2 is the place to be for new players.


Just wondering if you guys have any ideas on how to 'save' Kronos 1 PvP when we are facing the following issues:

Premades dodging Premades.

Solo-queue contaminated by either bots (mostly chinese), AFK or people that simply give up when they see a premade.

Queue-times (atleast for Horde) are ridiculously long even when solo-queuing.

Most of the old active PvP players quit.

Most new players start on Kronos 2 due to the age and available content of the server.

Kronos 2 has double the population Kronos 1 has.

No Cross-Realm BG's until Naxx is cleared on both Kronos 1 and Kronos 2 due to gear difference in BG's.

Not enough active PvP-players make multiqueues pointless.

Most rankers these days are chinese that will sell their account once they hit a high rank.

AV: Get exalted, quit PvP.

Ranking: Get rank gear, quit PvP. Hardly see any high rankers from back then.


This is not about premades farming pugs or 'omg i don't get 10 min mark' ( I get on if I want ;) ).

I love to solo- or small-group-queue these days. But getting into games where 90% of the people either AFK or don't speak english isn't really fun, right?

I really like a challenge but even I have my boundaries :D

Back then: Rage because of Alliance.
These days: Rage because of your own team because they play like CS 1.6 bots.

Wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to wait 30 min in order to get a queue pop while solo queueing.

What I'd like to achieve with this thread are the following things:

1. Give me a view on how solo+group queueing and the whole 'chinese' issue is on Alliance side (since im Horde)
2. Most important: How can we make PvP more tempting for new players again?
3. Any idea on how to fix some of the issues?
(4. Any statement from GM's/developers on how you will deal with the ongoing death of PvP?)

I don't care if it's blizzlike or not.
I rather play on a non-blizzlike server than on a server where i have to wait 2 h for a BG pop.


My suggestions (inb4 shitstorm of 'non-blizzlike defenders'):

1. I liked the whole leave queue get deserter idea
2. Create official policy that states what is legal and bannable in BG's (Jumps, spots, account sharing etc.)
3. X-Realms (I would even were full greens to play against K2 guys lol). The dream.
4. Make PvP more tempting like you did with the increased reputation gain. (any ideas?)
5. Fix major PvP bugs

TL;DR There are so many flavours in this world and sushi choose salty.

- - - Updated - - -

- Small amount of gold for BG-marks (worked on other servers)

- X-Realm and check itemlvl of gear on char and bag before setting K1 players with K2 :DDD


Oct 1, 2014
You have already solved the issue.

Leave que deserter + Ilvl check for Xserver pvp.

As for chinese, If they're selling the accounts they ranked for RL money, its the same thing as gold selling. I have seen some talks about r10+ chinese characters being banned so I'm assuming its for this, as they dont really need honor/win trade o get their standings anyway. They can just play in the same place and account share their way to r13-14.


Feb 3, 2016
Well tbh at the moment, only AV gives the 20silver per turn in??

Bug right?
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Apr 11, 2016
Good thread.

-xrealm que with ilevel check

-disable multique when grouped to prevent dodging

-Vote system in battlegrounds so that players can kick afk people(dont ask me for specifics of the vote system, execpt only 1 vote needed to kick prehot)

-arenas were available at the end of vanilla so pretty blizzlike yeah? :) would create more variety and bring back old players (dont need to be rated games)


Aug 27, 2014
i hope with AQ coming soon, more players will be more active again. hopefully they will not only log for raids.

a small gold reward when turning in 3 marks (could be as much as 1 gold per turn) could probably get more people interested to join. could also cause even more premade dodging i guess.....

--horde/alliance premades destroying pugs pretending they are good and hiding in their caves when they face strong team is a serious issue. the suggested deserter upon leaving queue sounds good.


New Member
Apr 7, 2015
My thoughts on this is: Kronos 1 will get better when kronos 2 reaches player cap / starts getting login queue.

I changed from k1 to k2 because people keep playing WSG. And i daily check the Stormwind BG room, there are always enough people to queue for AB. When multiqueue was fixed for 2 days, nobody queued for other BGs. Should tell everyone that Multiqueue wors now, i think people still dont know this and got used to do what they done previously (Spam WSG)

And funserver shouldnt be done. Population increases slowly i think. Have to have patience or reroll on Kronos 2 to populate it faster.

Today 2 AV's on k2 popped, its even WSG holiday. Its peoples fault on K1, especially the greedy honor farmers. Just wait until the premades have farmed their honor with their List-cap. No battlegrounds will run like this week xD.

Also there is already this Mentality that was built since launch that only WSG is running and it is boring, so you have to motivate people to use multiqueue. None queues AB because they got rejected by it... You can start making people aware of Multiqueue by queuing your premade for AB too, so people can see both BG pop and more and more would start doing it, but slowly..

Orginize AB with both faction some randoms will queue, and more randoms will follow, also dont forget to queue AV too, low levels can support getting it up too
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Apr 11, 2016
These are valid worries, although I find it unlikely the staff would have resources to do much until AQ is out and polished.

My thoughts on some of your points:

I think dodgemades and dodging rankers are usually an issue that handles itself, as long as the pvp community shuns them enough in order to make new rankers understand that by dodging you don't gain anything but grief and poor reputation and provide an alternative so dodging won't become the norm. Generally the people who dodge/ghost games their way through ranks are also people who aren't willing to bother queuing or participating in many games that aren't occasional pugfarming with their raiding guild.

On medium to small servers, a large part of how queues and pug wsg games are is largely defined by the current rankers on both sides. If one side is quick to avoid proper games, and the rankers won't queue outside their group actively trying to win games as semis/solo, generally pugs on that side are quickly disheartened from trying in games or queuing in general, which in turn causes old rankers to queue less due to "pugs being horrible". This generally changes as years and generations of rankers pass.

A few words I could share with the current rankers as a former r13, when you opt to dodge or bail a game for greater honor and faster caps and spend weeks upon weeks just grinding 10 minutes out of bots, it gets boring pretty fast. A lot of achievements in grindy video games like vanilla wow are generally glorified though the means to get them, rather than the actual achievement. Honestly, putting yourself through the pain to get those items when you're not going to actually play and use them, isn't worth it no matter how much more dps you would be going to do in BWL. When I compare having done r13 on another server through multiple weeks of queuing solo, getting pugs to fight against groups and overcoming them, long and tight premade games, and doind r11 for mount on kronos by mostly afking in a group, as there rarely was competition, the former is by far the one I'd say was more worth it, or enjoyable. If you aren't so afraid of losing or not getting optimal honor/standings, you might actually enjoy the game and improve at it, and perhaps end up playing after reaching your rank. Who knows what happens, you should try.

The old PvP players quitting is just natural to any server, a lot of people quit simply after reaching their rank, or playing for a year or half. What keeps the PvP community alive is a steady influx of new PvP focused players; new generations of rankers who will continue tryharding solo or forming premades. While I don't think Kronos I is in a particularly bad situation (there's a good amount of players on the server, just that most of them seem completely uninterested in pvp as it is), there are a few things that could help. One is cross-realm battlegrounds, another is events like hosted arena tournaments or arranged premade vs premade nights. An active PvP guild on either side arranging raid ganks or sniping premades is also something Kronos I misses.

The main problem I see with xrealm bgs is that they're very hard to pull off and maintain, and the staff on private servers is usually fairly limited. If they were to happen, I can only see good results come of it, even with imbalanced levels of raid progress. You're going to face overgeared players on either server, and I'd say that (at least on kronos I) the toughest foes are rarely the most geared ones. In pug games I see a lot of players on both sides in instance blues/greens/rank items, which are all also available on Kronos II as well. Also, considering how majority of KII PvP forum seems to already be filled with people complaining about dodging premades making pugging impossible, xrealm bg's would do good for the server, as it makes dodging a lot harder. There's also the point that you can generally beat just about every group with just basic level of gear, albeit it's a bit harder on Kronos due to blizzlike reflectors / cloaking device and higher physical damage.

The only thing you can do about the Chinese account sellers is monitor their post-ranking weeks and getting them banned as the accounts get sold, and hopefully refunded thus harming the business and/or making it not worth their time, which I suppose is already happening, at least according to the rumors that go around.

TL;DR: Arrange fight nights (prem v prem), try to work out xrealm bg's and solo/semique more, rankers.
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Dec 29, 2015
- X-realm with gearcheck

- Arenas (NO HONOR NO REWARD JUST FUN) 2s 3s 5s.

- Reset CD's when starting a duel

- Increase duel-range. It is ridiculiously low.

omg funserver. better fun than dead.
+1 . Kronos is private Funserver anyway , people can scream about blizzlike but blizzlike dont feat the reality of 2016 private server anyway .
Totally agree with what some people said here , small gold amount for bg marks is alwais good idea and cross realm bgs should be implemented 100% , about content diference ... On retail u alwais faced people from other servers that had better progress and better gear , but in this game good gear never meant big skillz.


Sep 9, 2015
We tried to pvp with Crypton again with half alt-chars on our team saturday all afternoon and it was the same all over again, we sniped 2 premades, 3-0 them in 11 mins and we faced pug/empty bg for 45 mins afterward until Crypton got bored.

There's no point pvping for fun either in this state of the game, real pvper can't pvp, soloqueing doesn't work pugs are headless chicken who can't even fight for 10mins mark and goes to BG in green expecting to get pvp gear like in retail post 1.12.1... It's vanilla moron, you go to instance to get decent gear and then you go pvp.

K1 seems dead, i hope AQ pop soon to have something to do.


New Member
Aug 18, 2015
i like how premade dodge premade
GG guys go get ur rank 14 and think you are god pvpers when u farm retards in wsg ( you just sux hard xD )


New Member
May 8, 2016
Too bad I missed you Brochette, I think I saw your team once but it was when I was solo. I also don't think the horde premade dodged, not the one I usually play with anyway.

This WSG weekend was really bad, didn't face a single decent allience premade. To me it seemed like there are no decent ally groups forming at all atthe moment, at least not groups that go for more than a few hours.
Games I solo played were pretty nice though, with some patience you can still get good games.

But I agree PvP K1 is not in a good state.


Oct 13, 2014
Na they all suck, but they're still premade. Some other time I queued up with 4 other peeps and beat them, what do u think happened afterwards?


Oct 1, 2014
my e-penis is 0.1 inch bigger than yours

Deserter on leave que sounds really good and easy to implement. Please make it happen.
I will go into Ubrs/Strat etc to farm low level gear for cross realm pvp if it happens. Better than comparing e-penis sizes on a private server forum in 2k16.(not that i'm useful with full epics, kek)


New Member
Mar 26, 2016
I'm mad because you go out of your way to write an essay complaining about pvp, while going out of your way to screw it up even more by doing these sorts of things. I didn't insult you, you got angry because I was right.

Yeah you're right, I dodged all the way to rank 9.
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