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Future of Kronos ?


Aug 26, 2014
What happened to the TBC server of twinstar I used to play a few years back?
I think Ares 1 died naturally, just after a while. It was never too big and mostly CZ/SK but, if I'm not mistaken, it did reach Sunwell in peace.

Ares 2 (the instant 60 one) died because the main dev quit.
Mainly asking if there will be a TBC server. Please post some news about anything.
Considering that it was "announced" like 5 years ago and we never got any real news - I'm sure they're actively working on it!! Stay tuned for update!!


New Member
Jun 6, 2015
Wow Nim you still hanging about :eek:

as a very very old GM of the project im fairly sure it got cancelled while i was still on the team but uh who knows what the future holds ;)
Aug 22, 2021
I have just logged on in Kronos after a long break and I am happy to see that the server is still working very well. I believe that Vanilla is still the best version of this game.

The awsome experience of playing this game when it first came out was truely incredible and unmatached by any other games in my personal opinion.
However, this experience is very hard to revive or replicate because those who enjoyed this game then, many still would like to enjoy it again by the way, don't have the time they had when they were younger.

One of the greatest parts of the game for many players was AV Battle Grounds. I believe that if there were versions of AV for lower brackets; e.g
20-30 bracket and 30 to 40 bracket and so on many players will be interested again. There are areas in the WoW map which could be turned into battle grounds for specific levels too with incentives and encouragment, of course. I believe that many older players will still bother
to reach level 20 or 30 and still have great fun without having to spend months, if not years, trying to reach level 60 and then see if AV or somthing similar is available.

A WoW version of Vanilla where there was more emphasis on a cooperative system in which raiding villages or engaging in world PVP would bring more rewards will appeal to many players who enjoy engaging in war but as a group. E.G High bunus points given to a balanced group made of 5 or 10 players when engaging on PVP in world areas within their brackets and excluding high level players from doing PVP in areas where they are overpower unless if they are attacked.

I hope the makers can make a better version of Vanilla WoW but keeping the essence of the game, the races, the classes and their specific attributes.

I hope the future brings back more players to Kronos.


New Member
Aug 31, 2021
Is there a Kronos IV Discord or any news on when that is coming out? Really tired of playing on Darrowshire...
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