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Game Freeze/ Crashes


New Member
Oct 26, 2017
So, not really sure where to post this, so if this is wrong i'm sorry.

So when I try to Leave the game via the log in screen, or any other screen the Client just stops working. I'm not sure what is wrong, this has happened 4 times now. I've removed all addons and such. But it keeps persisting. Has anyone encountered this problem?
Mar 11, 2021
I got a problem and somebody here might be able to help me or testify that im not alone. I cant really get into the closed beta, because every 1-5min into the game, it freezes. I cant fulfill the character creation, because it takes too long. My pc should easily be able to run it.ASRock B550 Pro4 AMD B55AMD Ryzen 5800XGTX 107016GB Nox Vidmate VLC DDR4 GSkill Ripjaws 5
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