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[Naxx] Naxxramas Geofram the Pold is here to brotect you!

Feb 26, 2016
The Nostalrius Sensation comes to Kronos!

Since the closing of Nost, God chose to open up His ass and shit all over my eyes, rendering me almost legally blind. I am currently in the process of grafually relearning to Tank with subpar vision by leveling a Pally the old fashioned way, with an emphasis on instances. I am on most days looking to group in World, and invite you to come along for the ride.

Some of you may know me from Nost PvP as the Tankadin in your weekly pug raid. Pallies who wanted to Tank were found easily enough, but I was the only one invited to weekly pug raids every week as an MS Tank, and not a Healer in Tank gear. Killerduki, my mentor, would have been second if Nost had stayed open for just one more week. I made our Prot war look like a bitch in one ZG raid by pulling aggro off him and MTing Hakkar. This was before I went nearly blind, but I expect to break barriers here, as well.

So while I’m on my way to 60, I invite you to try me out in your groups as I relearn to Tank blind, and with more Blizzlike mechanics (Sorry Consc spam, you were fun while it lasted). I am impressed with this server thus far, and hope to stay here for a while.
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