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Guess the release date!


New Member
Aug 23, 2014
The longer i wait the more my patience grow's so i am ready to wait untill early-2015 just knowing the game will be that much greater then and that people are over the games released in november-december by then so they can actually be ready for Kronos.

i still hope to see it early but patience = quality so it is hard not to be more patient knowing that and seeing all that is being fixed day by day as well as weekly video, this server is gonna be great :biggrin:.


New Member
Aug 29, 2014
December 7th.

We are not 100% sure that it will be for Q4 but assuming it is supposed to be released in this period, I think it will be almost in the end. Kronos will never reach 100% in the progress bar (wich would mean that it is perfect), anyways I still think that the actual version of Kronos is awesome and in late Q4 we should have an awesome server.


New Member
Oct 15, 2014
February 11th was the EU release day of WoW. And the game will be a decade old. The 10 year anniversary would make a nice day for release.
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