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Other Guide for spoting bugs in raids and dungeons


Aug 29, 2015
This is a checklist meant for raiders and all players interested in bugreporting or bugtesting a dungeon, instance, boss or raid. As a side note if you want to be an effective bugreporter it is highly important that you actually prepare for it by looking at videos or guides of how the encounter should work, just like when preparing for a raid in retail.

What you should look at, test or be attentive to :


  • Overall feel
  • Difficulty
  • Instance reset, ID reset
  • Instance objects (chests, herbs, etc.)

Main Boss/creature

  • Spawning (place, time, events that lead to it, buffs)
  • Health and mana, modified if condition (eg: health lowered if priests are dead)
  • Health and mana regeneration
  • Model and visual effects, size, animations, dismount
  • Melee damage, speed, school, range
  • Movement speed, patrol, pathing in and outside of combat
  • Aggro range, line of sight
  • Aggro link with sub-bosses, adds, nearby creatures
  • Threat (loss of, unusual amounts of threat, no threat, threat resets, threat gains)
  • Leash range and encounter reset (debuff reset, adds reset, etc.)
  • Immunities and resistances, immunities to special spells or aoe
  • Enrage (buff, damage increase or speed increase, at the right time)
  • Respawn (time, correctly resets encounter, despawns)
  • Phase transitions, yells and text, immune during those
  • Combat log errors (eg: too much, nothing)
  • Events on death (eg: doors opening, combat fade, immortal, chest spawn, emote)
  • Abuse testing (try cheating the encounter, eg: kiting, using warlock anti-fear debuff, reseting, etc.)
  • Loot, incorrect loot, loot %, loot visible only to class or profession

Spells and abilities

  • Effect, Damage, Mana drained, travel speed, school, range, rank
  • Amount of players hit by the ability or spell cast
  • Effect reduced with resistances
  • Incorrect or additional abilities
  • Positional effect (eg: only hits those behind the creature)
  • % health or % mana or context when abilities happen (eg: only if raport alive cast X)
  • Adequacy between visual effects and mechanics (eg: walking in the fire does damage)
  • Abilities end on specific events (eg: threat switch, target dead, phase transition)
  • Timers, frequency of abilities, timing (eg: after a charge casts a fear)
  • Mechanics and spell effect (eg: player shouldn't be able to taunt while affected, knockback)
  • Threat (loss of, unusual amounts of threat, no threat, threat resets, threat gains)
  • Amount of debuffs, effects on expiration
  • Line of sight
  • Ability to do damage through immunities
  • Ability to dispell or interrupt abilities
  • Environmental effects (eg: doors shutting down on engage)
  • Animations


  • Timers
  • Amount of adds, frequency of spawn
  • *Check the same points as with the main boss with adds*

Considering how many things can be checked and tested, I recommend making a checklist with those points and asking raiders to focus on an issue (eg: someone on Nefarian's breath, someone else on Nefarian adds, etc.).

Suggestions are welcome, my inspiration were the bugreports for BWL, MC and ZG.
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