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Guild & Raiding search

Sep 21, 2014

Seeying as the kronos server will launch in a few months, i was thinking about getting a head start and find a guild/raiding team before release.

About me :

I started playing back in vanilla, somewhere around the release off AQ40 on retail.

Since then ive been an active player/raider untill Cataclysm.

Having raided pretty much every content along the way, including HC and Timed runs.

I started out with a Shadow priest, it was only later in Cataclysm it was time for a change.

But in reality, i just got bored off the content and the way the game was going.

The guild i am looking for should be active in both PvE and PvP, since i am also an old R10 (ranks got removed before i had the chance to get R14 with the team i was in )

What class i will be playing, i havent decided yet...i might go priest, but i might choose something else aswell.

Also i feel obligated to inform you...that i do have a RL and a job...meaning, i need to have priorities.

Now that doesnt mean i will never be online, but it does mean i wont be nolifing and staying till my eyes bleed :D.

If a guild is interested, feel free to give me a reply and we can see if our goals match in the game :)

Thx for reading, and ill see you in the game ;)
Sep 21, 2014
I started on Horde side, but also played abit on Alliance side.

No prefference on what faction really.

I am located in +1 EU Timezone :)
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