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Horde [H] Hungry For More


New Member
Feb 19, 2016
[Horde] Hungry For More
Language: [EU] English
Guild Type: Semi Hardcore Pve
Guild Progress: 10/10 Moltencore 1/1 Onyxia
Loot System: Loot Council
Raid Schedule: Sunday-progressive raid day, and thursday lower tier raid/extra onyxia's. 7-10pm servertime both days

Anything that isn't enh/ele shaman, balancedruid & shadowpriest (if you're a guy wanting to go shadow in future, we do have open spot. First once 16debuff slots is in the game you're allowed to play that spec, untill then heal).

What we offer:
At Hungry for More we offer not only a great social experience during your time on Kronos III but also a home where you can feel comfortable while raiding with a dedicated team who have like-minded goals. We take pride in our quick and efficient clears and only push ourselves to become better.

What we expect:
Attitude and a great sense of focus are required for all our raids. We are highly organized and expect our raiders to be as well when it comes to performance. All raid consumables are a must-have for raids and we expect them to continue to keep our raids smooth and flawless. We also tend to have friendly competition between each other during raids to keep things interesting!

Officer names: Profect, Xelance, Bigtime, Aiko, Ohlook, Valkier, Dtpx, Justxtrm & Mekiti

For more info you can contact any of our officers in-game or on https://discord.gg/SzRHdHw
To apply write an application here: https://hungryformore.shivtr.com/
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