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[H][NA/PST] Warrior looking for casually serious PVE guild.


Aug 20, 2015
Hollywood CA USA
Hey all,

Looking for casually serious (not hardcore min/max try hard no lifer, but I do want to clear some content!) K3 Horde guild to tackle PVE.

I'm US West Coast based, play daily and am free evenings and weekends.
Would love to find some more West Coast people for schedule compatibility, but not completely necessary. Also willing to start a new guild with friendly, like minded people!

About me:
I played priest in retail vanilla, raided up through MC, ZG, AQ.
I've been on K1 since 2015, have leveled several Vanilla Warriors (I'm a glutton for punishment) and will be leveling another for K3. I've tanked all the regular content up to UBRS and I'm sure I can handle raids as well.

Check out my K1 Warrior in my signature link below.
Nothing special, but proves I've been there and done that up to a certain point.
Thanks for reading and see you at launch!
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