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H <New Horde Coalition>


Mar 7, 2015
Hello everyone,
many of you will have seen the coalition formed in the beginning,
a group of guilds united to face the world-bosses;
to then see it disappear.

This brilliant initiative, supported by a valid regulation, unfortunately no longer exists
and today only one guild, which unfortunately remains closed to external participants,
continues to have the opportunity to face the world-bosses.

I don't think it's possible for another single guild to have the chance to compete with the best-prepared guild on the server,
but I think there may be several players from various guilds who may have an interest in taking part at these events.

To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to take part at these, I ask you to leave a post if interested,
so as to see if a new coalition can be created with the number of possible participants.

In case this interest is shared by at least a hundred players, I believe we can start this new coalition,
for which, to all guild leaders involved, I would ask to define the rules for a correct continuation of the coalition.

Thank you for your time.
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