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Horde [H-RP] The Bloodstorm Clan


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Dec 10, 2019
"Even thunder need clouds to crack down on the Earth. Fire needs Air to penetrade the ground. For same reasons the Bloodstorms needs a worthy opponent before we shall give them blood."
- Grimkar Bloodstorm
The Frostwolves in Alterac and the Forsaken nearby do not agree where the borders lie. Forsaken destroy the nature surroundings and are closing in on Frostwolf territory, and to the east lie Arathi Highlands. A flat but craggy region, once a home for the humans of Arathor.
The Alliance fights to aid the former nation of Stromgarde in recapturing its capital and reestablishing control over the region. The Horde is attempting to establish a forward base to protect its new allies against the Alliance.
On top of all this the Boulderfists Ogres, Syndicate and fearsome Trolls are raiding the lands. Arathi Highlands has turned into a battlefield with many fronts. This battlefield is nowadays the home of the Bloodstorm Clan.
A Clan with great desire of freedom and honour. A Clan with one simple goal in service of the Horde, protect the free Orcs of Arathi.

The Bloodstorm Clans Main belief is in the spirits. Shamanism means everything for them and the Clan's shamans, led by their well Respected Farseer.
For the Bloodstorms, the spirits of old are the wisest beings, yet chaotic. During the trial of many generations the Bloodstorms believe that if they act strong and die an honourable death- Their children will be stronger. For that reason no Bloodstorm fears death. This also brings a faith that the warriors of Clan Bloodstorm always have their ancestors guiding them in battles.

The Bloodstorms are great storytellers and like to talk about their former heroes. For them the history is a way to spur the younger generation to try be as brave a warrior as possible. As the Clan is very old the younger ones got many names of honor to think about.

The Bloodstorm Culture is primitive like many other Clans. They value their wolves nearly as much as the Frostwolves and share the same kind of wisdom of their people. Many Bloodstorms got relatives with the Frostwolves. Their Shamans and warriors got high status in the Clan. What makes the Bloodstorms more different from the Frostwolves is their short temper and the sacred blood oath.

Blood Oath
The Bloodstorms believes they can only be close to each other through their blood. Because of that every New Blood has to go through the sacred Blood Oath to promise the Clan their loyalty. The Blood Oath is a ceremony that can only be held by a Shaman or the Chieftain himself.

Om’riggor is a trial the younger Orcs of the Bloodstorms must pass. As the Bloodstorms live in Arathi Highlands which is filled with raptors. The young Orc shall go out to into the Highlands for himself, kill three Raptors and return to the Clan.

What can you expect from us?:
- 2-3 weekly events, we have a schedule to remain quite active when it comes to RP within ourselves and other guilds.
- A friendly community and a pleasant experience.
- involvement, we give all in the Clan a fair chance at being involved in the Clan, when they become a true member of the Clan they will be able to create their own events and character story campaigns.

What do we require of you?:
- Being active, if you have situations in real life which holds you back from events, then that is completely fine. We would like a notice before hand if possible, but else we are very understanding.
- Friendly, we require you to be friendly in the guild chat. IC, your character may be the cocky person, but OOC you should remember that it is other living individuals you speak to, who also have feelings.
- RP, in this we don't require you to have that much lore knowledge nor experience in RolePlay, we are willing to teach you and help you build your character if you need assistance with such.

What sort of events will we have?:
- We got the usual Clan events, like hunting, fighting, shamanism ceremonies etc. Holding a watchful eye on the Alliance in Arathi Highlands.
- We will also have events with other guilds, such as Tauren, Troll, Goblin, Blood elf and Pandaren. The Clan is not shy nor hostile towards other races, there was once a time where other races aided the Clan in rebuilding.
- RP-PvP, this is something we will seek to do with different guilds of the Alliance. We are not afraid of defeat, but will give it all to win! (Who wouldn't?)

What races do you allowe in your guild?

Chieftain: The Chieftain is the leader of the clan IC, and OOC he has a big responsibility for the clan, there by also being a leading figure together with other ranks.
A Chieftain can be challenged by the Warmasters or Blood captain of the clan for leadership. This will of course also be discussed OOC before taken IC, and we do it in a manner which the clan won't be torn apart if such a thing was to happen.
Current Chieftain: Thalruk Bloodfist (Tholok)

Warmaster: A warmaster rank is the officer rank, those who the Chieftain lay great trust in. This rank is mostly given to those of the Chieftains own family, simply because they deem more trustworthy than others. Yet the rank is also given because the Orc deserve it and has the skill for it.
Current Warmaster: Morc Ironbane (mórc)

Blood Captain:: This is the rank for the greatest Fighters of the Clan, weather their a Shaman, warrior or sun walker, their abilities in combat and control others when in the midst's of battle. these are Chosen by the Chieftain and Warmaster.

Honour guard: Bloodstorm elite rank of the clan, those who have proven themself worthy of being seen as a champion within the clan. It requires great wisdom and control to achieve this.

Storm Raider: The warrior elite rank is the Storm raiders of the clan, the vicious warriors, those who is all about offensive strategy. They are the Champions of the Clan, among the other ranks.

Warrior: The bulwark elite of the clan, these are the champions who defends the clan on the field. They follow close with the leaders and defend them from others while they cause havoc in battle.
Clansman: The clansman is what it is in their title, their mainly Hunters, skinners, Cooks, Blacksmiths and Such, Each can prove themselves in many ways and can progress if they no longer wish to go for their selected profession.

Bloodsworn: To truly be a member of the Clan, you must have proven yourself worthy. To achieve this rank, you must have proven yourself to the clan, and this you do by being active, part of events and having good ideas.

New Blood: The rank of those who has been given a chance to enter the clan. They are treated as a part of the clan, but are not seen as a full member yet. This rank is given after an IC and OOC interview is done. (is also OOC rank)

The OOC rank is for those who has yet to recieve an IC interview or still yet to be recruited.

With every rank introduced, and this post getting longer and longer, we want to thank you for reading this far.

We hope that we caught your interest! If so, and you find this concept interesting and wish to be a part of it, feel free to nudge us online and we will sort it out.
If you wish to speak to one of the Officers about joining Whisper or send mail to Nickwindfury, Krutoprd or Crainorojox
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