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Help from a guild oriGinAIS


New Member
Jun 23, 2016
Hi, I have an issue that I can't (probably) solve by myself. I wanna sell my character on Apollo 2 server, but he's in a guild. Problem is that I really don't want to install whole WoW (or just launcher - doesn't matter) just for leaving guild.

Is there any way how to do that without installing game again? If any admin is reading this, I'd like to ask him for that favor. Character's name is Wisdomer. You can easily prove that this character belongs to this acc and he's been inactive for almost 7 months. Thank you.

If any member of oriGinAIS is reading this, please kick me so I can sell my char.


New Member
Jul 5, 2018
Hi, just PM me your account login information and I'll leave the guild for you.

Apollo, where the challenge begins
Mar 11, 2021
Longer answer is very long. Involves immigration, changes in technology, populism, anti-unionism, "robber-barons," and a whole dissertation's worth of Showbox stuff.
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