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Other [Horde]**Ivxnl's Molten Core *Pug Run* Saturday, April 8th, 7pm Server Time!**

Apr 27, 2016
EDIT: If I get enough interest for a run on Sunday, April 2rd, 7pm Server Time. We will go this week in addition to next week's advertised run. When signing up (see below), please specify if you can make it to this weeks run as well!

What: Ivxnl's Pug run!
When: Saturday, April 8th, 7:00pm Server Time (1:00pm Eastern)!!
Where: Molten Core!!!
Why: For fun and phat loots!!!!
How: See below!!!!!

Hey all, I'm going to be organizing a pug run for Molten Core next Saturday. Everyone will have their chance to roll on EVERYTHING in the instance, from Fiery Cores and patterns to epics and legendarys.


1. Be Attuned, DUH!
2. No green machines/half naked characters, I don't expect people to be full pre-bis but please have decent starting gear.
3. Bring some general consumes to ensure a smooth/fast run. I'm not expecting flasks obviously, but healers should bring mana pots, dps damage buffs, and tanks hp/armor/threat stuff. Everyone should bring a few Fire protection pots.
4. Discord will be used for Voice Communication and is required, a mic is preferred but optional.
5. Listen and obey the raid leader, don't ass pull and please respect boss mechanics.
6. You must have the addon KTM v17.35 installed and working. Have fun but don't pull agro and waste everyone's time.

Loot Rules:

1. MS>OS, but you specify which spec is your main before the run.For Example: A warrior is willing to tank to help out, but he wants his Main Spec to be DPS so he can roll on Quick strike Ring.
Bindings can be rolled on by ONLY Warriors/Rogues.
All Materials (Cores, Leather, Dark Iron, Nexus Crystals etc.) will be mass raid rolled at the end of the run. I will distribute each mat evenly between 3 people that win (/roll 1-40 x3). This will be done separately for every mat.

**Please send an IN GAME MAIL OR WHISPER(if i'm online) to ivxnl to SIGN UP.**
Please include relevant info like class/role (healer, tank, melee/ranged dps), your desired main spec for loot, professions like mining/skinning to loot core leather/dark iron, whether or not you have a quintessence to dowse runes, and anything else that you would like me to know.

For all other questions/suggestions, PLEASE REPLY HERE so everyone interested can discuss.


- - - Updated - - -

Just to clarify, NOTHING IS RESERVED.


Apr 28, 2016
Re: [Horde]**Ivxnl's Molten Core *Pug Run* Saturday, April 8th, 7pm Server Time!

2. Bindings can be rolled on by ONLY Warriors/Rogues.

I wish that this rule be amended to included paladins.


Apr 25, 2016
Re: [Horde]**Ivxnl's Molten Core *Pug Run* Saturday, April 8th, 7pm Server Time!

I want to say that Ivxnl is a great person to lead a pug and a friend :)

Some of the pugs IV lead were better than more of my in-house runs in the past year than I would like to admit. I'm not surprised that this is the first MC pug I see, where nothing is reserved.

Small tips to IV:

Go post that to Reddit, too. It's easier to link to, as it does not require a login. I am sure it would reach a few people that don't check the forums. We didn't have a pug in there since 2016 I believe. I actually want to make regular, community runs from our Subreddit community a thing - very much like you are doing right now.

Also, you can (if you want) use Google Forms, to create a form in a few clicks. Like those surveys that people enter. You can view the results via spreadsheet. It's great, because next to establishing class, time availability etc. you can ask them if they have a mic or what they think about KTM.
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Mar 10, 2016
Re: [Horde]**Ivxnl's Molten Core *Pug Run* Saturday, April 8th, 7pm Server Time!

Too bad I was looking forward to this.
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