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Other How do I start raiding?


New Member
Jan 26, 2015
I have never raided until Cataclysm. However I don't know anything about it none the less, what are flasks? Are they a must? How do I get and/or make them? If they are from alchemy and herbalism, should I get those 2 proffs over skinning and LW? If you could please answer the last question for all classes. I think flasks are my only concern, I love PVE 5 man dungeons especially Stratholme and Scholomance. When I used to play on ED, I made my first steps into upper blackrock spire and man was it great! It was so exciting, prepping before and after each pull. :) However I played a Holy Paladin then, and dear god I don't want to level as a holy paladin ever again.. But I was thinking of either, Warrior, Rogue, Warlock, maybe even a Hunter - my mood changes (was challenging myself to be a hardcore druid tank but I don't really want to not be able to see my new armor, and sometimes I feel aggressive and want to be a warrior. as of now I hope I can find spaces in groups, raids and guilds as a protection warrior, will that be possible? will there be too many tanks? :S). So yeah sorry to ask so many questions if you could please answer the ones I just asked it would be very much appreciated!

Dungeons are such a big part of my nostalgia from the retail vanilla. A chilly night, turning on my computer after coming from school, a piece of pizza, the red skys and burning buildings of Stratholme - we proceed to go kill Balnazzar and Baron Rivendare. Killing bosses and waiting before and after each huge group for health and mana. :))))))))))))))))


Oct 16, 2014
1. Pick a role you want to play.
2. Pick a class that suits that role well.
3. Pick a race that suits that role well.
4. Read a guide for your chosen role/class combination.
5. Do what the guide says
6. ???
7. Loot
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