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How many


New Member
Apr 12, 2020
On an average night is the server pretty busy? I am a long time retail player who got out of retail because I have an older computer that will not run retail. But Vanilla flies on it on Max settings. Anyway I started playing in BC and played all the way through Legion. Then pretty much stopped.

I have always wanted a pure Vanilla experience and I thank everyone involved for making it reality. I tend to see a number of people online in game. (Just started over the weekend. I have a level 11 NE Hunter and a level 8 Gnome Mage. Just looking for someone to run with... and as I get leveled up a Guild to call Home. I reside in the US so I play on Central time. It is my plan to be on most evenings from around 8 Central PM to midnight or so.


New Member
Jun 2, 2018
Hello man. I have just seen your post and I can relate to it.

I started playing WoW in April 2007 on a private server and have played vanilla and BC. Due to the fact that I played too much back then I had to stop altogether in the summer of 2009. to finish university, get a job and so on. Nine years later with my affairs settled I came to Kronos. I never thought any server could match my experiences on my first server, but Kronos sure matched them. It is really a nice community.

If you like some companionship while online and some help with quest, professions, elites and low level dungeons you can join our guild: The Carebear Union. We are a small guild and pretty close knit group.

When you level up we wont mind if you go to some bigger guild with which you can raid and do dungeons.

If you are interested whisper ingame one of our Officers to invite you:

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