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If this server ever wants any chance to succeed...

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New Member
Jan 12, 2013
a x1 rate server = players putting in effort and commitment that they value on their characters and account, keeping this is in mind if they want to screw around with the rules. A perma ban means a big chunk of time gone forever.

a x5 or x7 rate server = "Eff the police, I'm back with a max level new toon in two weeks."

No thanks. x1 rate is a reason why I'd want to play here.
1-3x optional xp rate, everybody wins.

Leveling at 1x was an adventure back then, but a time consuming barrier for those who frequently plays vanilla servers/has played on multiple servers.


Kronos Administrator
Jul 11, 2010
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TwinStar.cz Project Leader
Jan 5, 2009
I'm quoting Chero on the leveling rates from another thread here:

But reading your comment i realize that the staff of this project probably will turn out just as megalomaniac and conceited as others we know too well.

Good to know that before i started playing here, gl.
I have nothing to do with Kronos.. You should know that.

My post was just about excitement about Kronos and what was done there.

Stop writin such BS and use your brain a bit more. Your conclusions are really ... weird

Chero is the Kronos leader and all project decisions are just on him and his team
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