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Other Impossible to camp ?


New Member
Apr 7, 2016
Hey there people, trying to farm Mauradon on my hunter but when I wanna camp to get out of the instance nothing works :) gotta die and run back in... anyone got a fix for this ? it is NOT supposed to be this way !

Tried /camp, normal logout and the famous /script ResetInstances() Macro. Nothing works ! /camp

Any and all help welcome :)



Jan 13, 2009
Well, here's a way to do it. You need three people.

1) You (who wants to get out) has to /camp (also known as logout).
2) While offline, the party leader has to kick you from the party. He and another random member must remain in the party.
3) You log back in, and you appear at the start of Maraudon in your own instance.

If the party member disbands the party by kicking you out, you will appear at your hearthstone innkeeper instead.
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