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Invitation for all RP-players on Kronos


New Member
Apr 16, 2016
Greeting everyone

It is my pleasure to invite all of you for first meeting of RP-players in our world. I am sure that lot of you want meet other RP-players and talk to them, so why don't come to first RP meeting. Take your time for little talking and maybe you will find your leveling companions, new guilds oportunities or your new lover . So important thing is to have your FlagRSP addon on, for better informations about you, and for adding your new friends or guilds to "friends list".
Speak in-charracter, or you can speak in OOC (out of character) by using /w it's your choice, but i prefer also speak in-character by using /w communication. Another important information is where you can find that place ? and when is this meeting ? I've decided to make two place for different factions.

Aliance players will meet in human capital city Stormwind in old town tavern - Pig and Whistle Tavern-.

Horde players will meet in orcish capital city Orgrimmar in valley of honor - arena - (North-.east).

Time of meeting is
17.04.2016 (sunday) at 17:00 (server time). If you cannot come to meeting don't be sad, RP (roleplayers) meetings will be in every sunday at same time 17:00 (server time). Dont be affraid and come for meet your new friends.

I wish you good luck and lots of amatzing advenutres

(pardon my english)
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