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Is this server... worth it?

Nov 15, 2019
I'm currently looking for a new vanilla private server to play on, but all the vanilla servers seemed to be brutalized by corporate WoW. By brutalized I mean their population is pretty much dead. I remember playing on this server awhile back (enjoyed it) and considering coming back cause someone told me the population was regrowing. Only thing stopping me is faction balance and playing on a server full of 60s in Naxx gear.


New Member
May 20, 2018
During EU times this server is stil pretty banging. There are always a few people in each area including starting areas.


New Member
Jan 23, 2020
Was thinking of joining Kronos. Is it still alive? Couldn’t find any population stats.
It's a low-pop server compared even to original vanilla standards and sometimes it takes time to get group together for the not so popular dungeons but the more popular (BRD, DM, BRS) run several every evening. BG's pop regularily but only max lvl. (No twink scene right now.) - WSG several every evening and AV on AV-weekends (No premades. So few players that all players are very welcome in BG). AB sometimes. Not often. Wpvp exists but not like on the ridiculously overpopulated Classic servers, thank god. World feels rather empty when questing but that only makes the relatively few (unless you actively hunt for it ofc) pvp encounters more exciting.
Guild life is the best I have encountered including vanilla and other pservers. People have accepted it is low-pop and go out of their way to help you if you get stuck on quests or need dungeon runs.
Server itself works very well. Have found no serious bugs so far.

All in all, it's a very good server. With just a little more people, it would be perfect. Well worth your time imo.
Dec 6, 2019
It's not worth it ATM. The Alliance CAMPING on Orgrimmar at will. If a full group decides to do it seriously, they would subjugate the HORDE and run rough shod on the whole city. PATHETIC!
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