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Item restoration & quest reward swaps

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Aug 20, 2015
Dear players

Over the past several months we have been able to re-evaluate our item restoration/quest reward swapping options. We are happy to announce that we are once again allowing LIMITED item restoration and/or quest item swaps. What does this mean? Here are the details:

- Characters purchased off the auction house and/or traded (i.e characters not originally levelled by you) are still NOT ELIGIBLE for item restores/quest reward swaps. (Note: if a player attempts to deceive us regarding this, the account will be closed, remember we have logs).

- Players are eligible for one incident of item restore or Quest item swap in a 6 month period. An incident can be multiple requests in one request. The reason for the time restriction is that there have been players in the past who would abuse this assistance.

- Restore items are limited to Epic/BiS items and items of that caliber. Note: If item was deleted, ample proof is needed in order to restore the item. Without sufficient proof, the item may not be able to be restored.

- The GMs reserve the right to limit/refuse restore for items as they see fit.

This can be revised at any time.
Safe travels
Not open for further replies.
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