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Alliance <Jetpack> NA semi-hardcore late night raiding guild

May 6, 2018
<Jetpack> is a North American based semi-hardcore Alliance raiding guild.

The leadership of <Jetpack> is composed of players who have raided extensively throughout the history of WoW. Some of us also have previous guild leadership experience on both retail and private servers. Our main goal on Kronos 3 is to be a successful raiding guild that is able to clear all Vanilla content without no-lifing and to provide an enjoyable raiding and guild experience for our members.

We pride ourselves on being somewhat professional, yet relaxed and care-free as well. We are by no means a family guild and if you're easily offended, this might not be the guild for you. We maintain a casual atmosphere within the guild and understand that most of you have real life responsibilities and hobbies outside of the game.

Raids start at 8:00 pm Pacific Standard Time on Sundays and Wednesdays. In the future as more content releases, we will open up Friday as our 3rd raid day. Raids last roughly 3-4 hours. We use a modified DKP system to distribute raid loot and require all raiders to be logged into Discord during raids (you don't need a mic but it's encouraged).

We are currently recruiting all classes and will begin raiding as soon as our roster looks strong enough. Check out https://discord.gg/wu99Avn for more info and application.

Only apply if:
⦁ Mature (18+ yrs old)
⦁ Non-toxic attitude
⦁ Understand basic class mechanics
⦁ Willing to learn and grow as a player
⦁ Able to show up on time and prepared for raids

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Aug 19, 2019
This post is really old, but curious if this guild is still a thing. I'm just starting out on this server but my end goal is to raid late night (after the family is asleep) and wanted to see if there are others in a similar boat.
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