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Idea K-TBC Release Gate


New Member
Aug 23, 2014
We've also started work on Kronos TBC, which will allow players to continue their journey into the Burning Crusade. Kronos TBC will be based on the Kronos core, meaning that it will inherit all of the fixes made to the Kronos servers. Kronos TBC will launch on the 2.0.1 patch (TBC Talents, level cap of 60), allowing new players an opportunity to join and catch up to all of the characters copied from Kronos and Kronos III. Some more details on Kronos TBC will be announced in the coming months.
For the first 2 months players who where transferred will recieve a pass-through-death debuff that will cause them to experience "Gate Failure" followed by a short stun instead when trying to enter any portal or being summoned to outlands, and given a message that says "You'r transfer to this dimension has yet not concluded, you can create a new character who will start within this dimension while you wait, remaining time 1343:H 59:M 59:S". or something similar telling them they cant enter before day X but new character/players can freely enter Outlands when ready. :)

This would give new players more enticement to play as they can enter outlands and earn gold faster for an amount of time depending on leveling speed, Vanilla players can still level but they would be significantly slower and almost impossible to reach level 70 as they are unable to enter the outlands, this would encourage them to raid through the old raids while waiting and allow new players before or after entering outlands to join these vanilla players and get some gear themselves reducing the advantage vanilla players has over new players.

Note: this is just a casual suggestion, i am just hyped to see K-TBC and i hope to hear some news from the project someday soon :)
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