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K3 rp system.


May 25, 2015
As a former ranker on k1 there were multiple times during resets where standing 1 didn't get the full amount of rp and didn't obtain their rank because of this. Why did this happen? Well the pool of players was too low. Hopefully this doesn't happen on k3 because the pvp population will be better. I would just like to understand why we can't at least make sure that standing 1 gets the full amount rp he deserves. What are the draw backs from this? Lets discuss.


New Member
Aug 23, 2014
If we take a step back and view from perspective the only actual drawback would be that it is not blizzlike but then again server size is also higher than what blizzard could maintain during the original 1.12.1 so in theory there could be many times more.

The issue regarding low participation can be countered by adding a function that scales it forth & back although i am not sure if it would be ideal for such a function to be created i believe it could be something like a fail-safe that activates when less than XXXX have been killed in total that week.

They could take an example on K1 & the former K2 looking at the history regarding total overall kills and set a bottomline which at the end of a week that has unusual almost unlikely amount would scale up the value. for example if everage weeks had 1 mill kills then if suddenly a week with only 30% or so of a normal average occured then the fail-safe could activate.

well this is all purely theoretical and i am just a humble tester with this being my own personal perspective :)
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