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Alliance K3 <The Immortals> - Alliance PvE Raiding Guild


New Member
Nov 22, 2018
Hello everyone,

it's my plessure to announce that <The Immortals> are recruiting. For the current and upcomming content we are looking for more experienced players for our roster.

Currently recruiting/high demand on:

- 1 Feral Druid
- 1 Dwarf Priest
- 1-2 DPS Warrior(s)

Have in mind: Very good players will always be considered even if we're not actively recruiting your class currently! Do not hesitate to apply!

Website Link:

Apply at:


Raid schedule & progress:
Raid times: 20-23 PM Server Time
Raid days: Wednesday and Sunday

In addition:
- MC altruns
- multiple ZG & AQ20 runs over the week

Onyxia 1/1, Molten Core 10/10, BWL 8/8, AQ40 7/9

About us:
We are an Alliance PvE Raiding Guild founded in September 2018 located on Kronos III. Our guild is built around a well performing and experienced core of hardcore players from around the world. Come and join a friendly, well performing and highly organized guild with a unique lootsystem. We expect yout to meet our requirements for consumables and world buffs to keep our raids smooth.

For more information you can visit our website/discord, contact one of our officers ingame or via Discord (Aruia#4633, Locina#7583 or Khazkuye#6414).

Best regards and hope to see you soon,

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