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New Kronos I - Call of the Crusade


New Member
May 21, 2016
Ok, just gotta leave my opinion here: Announce merge. Fast. Very fast. You do NOT want to lose players and YOU WILL even if you wait an extra month. At least make an announcement and take some time off to allow K2 open AQ and THEN merge. If they gonna be whining that we had a headstart... Whelp.... Either you get few hundred of characters better geared than you, or you ain't getting shit. Only losing. Simple.

Nostr revival will hit Kronos (both servers) HARD. You can be sure of that. So do NOT waste time, thinking about a merge.

Oh and don't even think about anything else but merge. Xp event won't give you jack. I hope you realize this just as well as I do.
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New Member
May 7, 2016
Please no xp events. Fresh x7'ers in barrens greens "Gear means nothing brah, I'm pro". Never wanna relive that experience again.

If all does go as speculation when nost 2 opens its floodgates I fear that in last effort would be to merg.

I believe Madcuzbad nailed it with his suggestion.
You do realise there is about to be a mass exodus, right? This is why we we're being so insistent. This isn't about saving K1 anymore, it's about the health of the entire project. K2 is about to lose a load of raiding guilds and new starts who will go to the Nost fresh start server instead of rolling here. Lets not even talk about what K1 will be like.

Remember the threads from K2 players complaining about the slow release of raids on K2? Now they can get what they want and more. Sorry for K2 players that can't get a bug mount, but they need to understand that AQ would never be opened for them anyway. I'll never understand the complaints. I'd be fucking loving the new raids and pvp boost.


New Member
May 8, 2016
A merger with current content releases is a big F U to everyone that rolled on K2. The only way to do a merger reasonably is to merge the servers when Naxx content is released, or after an extended period of time where AQ is released on K2 (much more than a few weeks). Otherwise, K1 oldies have a big advantage over k2ers. If you're worried about overall pop numbers on both servers, and a resulting singular server, it's common sense to be even more concerned if you handle a merger poorly. I understand K1's concern about a low pop server, but be wise about how it impacts both servers, not just K1.

Also, I really think experience events are a bad idea for the overall health of your server. People don't play vanilla to level to 60 super fast, and if they do they don't stick around very long anyway. It really makes your server look like a shoddy funserver, and lessens the value of individual characters. Please think long term, not short term. I suspect you may see a spike in players during an exp event, but a HIGHER turnover rate in the long run by having had one. I think you will find that this has already happened.

Kronos has already made some big mistakes, but its not too late to make some good choices.
I agree with you there. x 7xp event ruined the server long-term. We might as well play retail.
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