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Kronos Launcher


New Member
Apr 2, 2019
I was woundering if this launcher will be crated, easy for new players. and also smooth for experinced players.

i think it would be amazing to have, to change between versions of wow. maybe. or just to Vanilla/TBC , Why ?

Play - News - Discord - Forum - Clear Cashe - Download - Change Version

Easier to just open the launcher and see if therese any new updates or news or forum post. i think it would be more useful to players to keep an track of what happens inside Kronos. and insteed of search for it on the website. wich many less players do. so i think a launcher would be one of the best ting, even for you at kronos team. more players will be active with whats new. and from there faster feedback and so on.

player will see everyday, everytime they log in :)

im looking forward for an Kronos 3 Launcher it will keep me more updated whats happend around the game

Ty for your time /Caerus!


Aug 26, 2014
It was created and I worked reasonably well. I heard it's nice but never used it personally. It didn't have many features, and the developer has abandoned the project long ago; not sure if you can still download it from somewhere.

Thanks for making me nostalgic...
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