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Kronos Population?


New Member
Jun 2, 2018
It all depends on what you are expecting. If you are expecting the hustle and boom of a classic server, where there will always be 20 players in Northshire, or where you will level in Westfall and see other levelers all around you - then you will not find this here.

However, if you just want to enjoy the game, you will find opportunity to enjoy any segement you desire. Perhaps it could be described like this:

You will probably find someone to level with on alliance side. On horde side maybe not as much. Its pretty lonely there at this time.

Lower level dungeons
Popular dungeons such as Deadmines or Scarlet will mosty often have groups running it. Less popular such as SFK, not as much. But for such dungaons you may rely on your guild or on help of high level players. The tradition of helping lower level players go through dungeons when they cannot find a group is pretty strong on the server; specially on alliance side. Now, the pressence of a high level character in the raid may ruin the experience for you, but sometimes you will have to fall back on that option.

Higher level dungeons
You will probably find always a group for LBRS, DM, Scholo and Strat.

You will find semi PUG raids almost every day, and there are four guilds doing high end raid progression, two of them in Naxx.

If you like farming and selling in AH, you will probably have an easy and fun time doing it. Nodes are not camped, due to weak state of the Horde atm, and the AH is not saturated with items. As guilds need a lot of consumables for raids, gold can be made pretty easily.

World PvP
You will not find much of this. Because of the weak state of the horde, attacks on sw and ironforge have not happened for some time, and even UD rogue ganking in Redridge and Menenthil is not a thing anymore. Last time Alliance killed Sylvanas was 6 months ago.

Warsong gulch is played pretty intensly every evening. AB and AV are played as PvP events on saturdays for some variety.

What i can say as a conclussion, the server is a calm and interesting place. If you are on the other hand into highly competitive enviroment and chaotic world pvp, you may not be satisfied with what Kronos offers.

A personal note: for me Kronos is the best way to spend my free time.

Hope this helps.


New Member
Mar 11, 2021
K1 and K3 will be merged eventually, once K3 has completed progression and the servers have had time to equalize. Until then however, you cant get your K1 toon Speed Test over to K3.
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