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Kronos Status Update


Kronos Administrator
Jul 11, 2010
It’s been some time since our last update but rest assured that there has been an awful lot going on behind the scenes at Kronos. New content has been prepared, bugs have been fixed and the PvP scene on our server has become a lot healthier since our last update — with multiple simultaneous battlegrounds now being a regular occurrence, even outside of what are generally considered to be peak times.

We have an awful lot to get through, so let’s begin…

Kronos Launcher Goes Live

The Kronos Launcher has now gone live, ready to help new players find their way onto our server in the simplest possible manner. You can read all about the launcher in our previous post covering its features and a video of it in action by clicking here. Now may just be the best time to poke that lazy friend again, that “couldn’t be bothered” to download the client and set it all up!

The client can be downloaded here and should be installed just as you would any other application. Please pay attention during the setup phase, as you will be required to select the location that you would like your classic client saved to.

Alterac Valley

We announced our release schedule for new content a little while ago and with phase one, silithus, now rolled out and being enjoyed by our players, we are closing in on phase two — Alterac Valley.

Our developers have been hard at work on the behemoth of a battleground over the last few weeks and are now preparing to send it live. It is currently in its final stages of testing, as we iron out any remaining issues that it may have. You can expect to see the finished article on Wednesday 15th July, with the inclusion expected to be made at around 17:00 server time.

Voting System

Some of our more eagle eyed players have already seen and begun using the voting system that is now in place for Kronos. This is an important way for us to continue getting new players, so please take the time to vote for us whenever you can. Each player can vote for the server once every 24 hours and each vote goes a lot way to pushing the Kronos name out there even further.

To maintain the stablility of the server’s economy and integrity of Kronos as a whole, it has been decided that there will be no rewards for votes, as it goes against everything that we are trying to do with the project. However, if you are one of the many that feels the server deserves an even larger player base, this is one of many ways to make this a reality.


Another new feature on Kronos is the streams page. This will become a catalog of live streams from players on the server, of which we currently have quite a few. If you have a stream then it is highly recommended that you let us know about it via the page itself, so that we can include you and hopefully help drive your viewership up

If you don’t have a stream, why not start one? Not a possibile for you? Then why not go support the guys who are by interacting on their streams!

Warsong Gulch Rebalancing

Those who are active in the vanilla PvP community will have no doubt encountered some of the various “tricks” and spots that people have used to get the upper hand over the years. While we strive to deliver a relatively pure vanilla experience on Kronos, there are times when our team needs to step in and make small modifications to maintain the spirit of fair play and common sense.

As such, we have recently implemented some “invisible walls” in Warsong Gulch to counteract some locations that were being used by players to hold flags or otherwise gain what was deemed to be an unfair advantage during games.
We are aware that we did not “cover them all” but the major ones that were being used on our server should now be resolved. We would hope that our actions will show players that we consider their actions intolerable and detrimental to the health of the server.
We wish to maintain a healthy and competitive PvP community on Kronos and will actively work to do so, where necessary.

New Twinhead Bug Tracker Features

Our bugtracker is widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive in the vanilla private server community. While it can be frustrating to be asked to provide some proof or a little more information, these requests are made with the servers best interests at heart. This ensures that a certain level of quality control is maintained and that when a mechanic or item is modified, it is done so to better reflect the state of the game during the 1.12.1 patch on retail servers.

There are two new features to the Twinhead Bug Tracker; “Request Reopen” and “Internal Comments”. The first of these features allows players to ask for a case to be reopened, so they can provide supporting evidence for (or against) a modification. This allows our development team to keep all information centralized when deciding whether or not to address a reported issue and weigh up the evidence provided in a more efficient manner.

The second feature is called “Internal Comments”. This has been put in place so that exploitable bugs can be reported without fear of further abuse by any players who may happen to see it on the public tracker. These comments can only be seen by very select members of the team, making the tracker a much safer way to file your reports.

Video Contests

In the near future we will be announcing a video contest for our players. There will be various categories, that encompass almost every aspect of the game. Additionally, there will be rewards for the winners in the form of “Stars”, the Twinstar currency that is used to purchase in-game vanity items — such as mounts and tabards.

For now though, simply consider this a heads up and a chance to start getting your footage and possibly the upper hand on the competition!

Twinfest… No, really!

The Twinstar team will be converging on a not-so-lucky city for a week of meetings, planning and development (read: drinking, partying and hangovers) on the 12th of July for an event that has been internally named “Twinfest”. Yes, we questioned the name too but nerds gonna nerd. While this does mean that there will be slightly less activity from the team during this week, they will still be on hand should anything catastrophic take place. The impact on the day to day experience of the players on the server however should be minimal, with GM’s still being available to answer tickets and resolve issues.

As usual, we are extremely grateful for your continued support of the project and look forward to seeing you in-game.

The Kronos Team
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Mar 27, 2015
In launcher there is no way to select already installed wow folder? Would love to use this launcher but I don't want to download 6gigs with 2mb/s again..


Sep 2, 2013
You should really enable a log in to your kronos account on the launcher. And be able to save your WTF and addon folder and then be able to download them to another computer, would be a great addition :)


Sep 17, 2014
Bulgaria - EET
I would propose another feature, maybe not for the launcher but for the account manager in the webside - to be able to change the position of your characters. That would be really nice feature. Also can you make for the website to set a cookie when you visit, lets say, vanilla section, and when I open twinhead again it will load vanilla again, not always cata by default. Just my few coins.
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