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Other LBRS Gem drop rate


New Member
Apr 27, 2016
New York
Hello there, I am the GM of <Control> We have over 80members that are 50+ and a total of 187 active accounts withen the past 4days. My guild has just started farming LBRS for the gems for "Seal of Ascension" quest but after x8 runs we have yet to see a gem drop. Is the drop rate bugged or have we been really unlucky? Any info would be great. Would love too start farming UBRS as a guild.

Thank you :)


Oct 20, 2014
You can't imagine how many runs it took me to get all the gems back when the server started. I even started doing stealthruns with druids for single bosses.

It got so ridiculous that people out of my guild started putting the gem I was missing into the trade window just to mock me :DDD
Ask the guy above me :p
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