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Looking for Dungeon levelers

Sep 8, 2014
This night sound like a meme but Dungeon peeling has been deeply tried out. Watch this epic video

So, I thought to myself since I am currently not held to obligations like work or studies, I have the time to level. If others would be interested it would be a great experience for me. Getting to know some friends and optimizing your leveling speed. Yes, it is super fast, especially for warriors.

I want to be a warrior and I am very open to finding a scedule that works for another 4 people. Which might be tough if you plan on like 10 hours a day. But 3-5 hours in a clear scedule we all 5 know we can stick with, perhaps?

Anyways this would be my main char. Im not interested in playing on the Classic servers. But if I start playing here in Kronos, getting some friends, speed leveling and being bis at 60, seems like a fun start.

Or even if we agree to speed level dungeons for a bit but not all way to 60, that could be an option.

I am flexible about this and just sowing a seed here. Hopefully some others are interested in this theorycrafting/social experience. Perhaps others with alot of free time :)

Anyways, I suggest you PM me if you find this appealing. With enough interested people we could meet up and speak more in Discord. Plan a bit.

Honestly this would make me happy even if we formed a crew that "only" did this for say level 12-16 just as a little experiment. I could stream or record perhaps.

But this thread gets kinda long here. So I wrap up

Let me know what you think, I will be very excited if some people join this.

Thank you!


New Member
Apr 21, 2019
Heya, forums aren't so active, might have more luck posting this in the Kronos discord. GL.
I recommend using the method above. Just join discord and ask there. People often use it to communicate with each other.
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