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Looking for RP leveling partners on Kronos I!


New Member
May 10, 2016
Hello guys! I'm new to roleplaying and tought about, how could roleplay be fun and usefull at the same time. So I want to invite players who wants to level up characters togheter with me (and others if we have a group of players already) while roleplaying on KRONOS I!(maybe on II if we start a new character but not so sure)

I play on the ALLIANCE side (would accept to join the HORDE side if we start a new character, still, not sure if I want that) as a human named: GWargus (Gargus Grennold RP name). I am currently level 22 and I will to help other to catch up to my level and continue onward from there.

If you feel like to join me, just send a Mail in game, or simply reply on this post, I'll keep and eye on it for a couple of days.

Also I recommend you to download the RP Addon: FlagRPS <-- from here. (Just dont forget to select "Load Out of Date" addons in-game in the character panel)
It is the only RP addon that works with vanilla (if I know it right) and is as easy to use as the other RP addons.

Last but not least, I really hope we can forge a happy and fun community, while adventuring on the lands of Azeroth togheter...Even though I'm a newbie.:tongue:
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