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Loot issues (Server side only)

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Aug 20, 2015
Troubleshooting loot issues: If the problem with looting is on server side (Can't give the item to a specific player) then try putting loot on Free-for-all and giving the item that way to ANY player. If this does not work please have the player who cannot FFA loot the item close their client and delete the WDB folder and then log back on. If it's still impossible to give the item to a player under any conditions - upload screenshot from perspective of your Master Looter while he's trying to give the item to that player.

Submit a ticket in DISCORD if the above does not work. Steps to create the ticket in DISCORD can be found in the Read First channel. Only tickets submitted within 24hrs of the loot issue occurring shall be eligible for GM assistance. ANY LOOT TICKETS NOT USING THE FOLLOWING FORMAT WILL BE DELETED IMMEDIATELY BY OUR TEAM.

Lootmaster’s name:
Guilds name (if not a pug and/or who raid ID belongs to):
Raid and Boss:
Player who the item was intended for
Player who has the item currently:
Item name:
Date of kill:
Boss kill link:

Note: We do not handle loot issues for anything lower than MC+ raids, we also do not involve ourselves with Ninja looting related issues.
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