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Mage Mage Frostbite+Shatter bug?


New Member
Jun 3, 2018
Here's the scenario:

Cast Frostbolt #1
Cast Frostbolt #2 immediately after #1 leaves
Frostbite procs from frostbolt #1 & the enemy is frost nova'd
Frostbolt #2 hits and there is no crit (~90% of the time, far less than the estimated ~40-45%)

scenario 2:
Cast Frostbolt #1
Melee enemy strikes you and ice armor procs frostbite, enemy is frost novad.
frostbolt #1 leaves character & hits. again no crit ~90% of time.

My theory is that shatter is bugged for frostbolts that are casted prior to the frostbite being proc'd even when the frostbolt lands AFTER the enemy is nova'd.

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