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Mailbox, Send Mail, and Guild Tab Bug or Glitch, Bugs, Bug report

Jun 19, 2018
Mailbox, Send Mail and Guild Tab seem to be glitched for me, and others from what I am reading in chat...

June 21, 2018 Edit: found this link https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?issue=7002&highlight=mailbox, it seems it has been a problem since 21.08.2015... near 3 years... but it's awesome that according to the bug report it was "fixed" as of 31.08.2016

Edit: There is a reference in the comments section of the above mentioned bug report that correlates AddOn memory with Guild features... perhaps the Guild feature is looked at as a type of AddOn, or utilizes the allocated shared memory of the addons we use... anyway the game defaults to 48mb of AddOn memory... I've increased mine to 256... (top right corner of the AddOn interface) if I notice a difference I'll post it.

July 06, 2018 Edit: Increasing AddOn memory does absolutely nothing... I've increased mine from default 48 to 256 then to 512 and finally to 768... crash, crash, crash so now I will enter a bug report and live with it... as according to the bug report listed above... it's fixed.

Clicking the Guild Tab crashes me about 99% of the time, the only workaround I have for this is to "/who [guild name]" which allows me to see which of my guild mates are online.

Right clicking the mailbox to open it usually works fine, but about 5% of the time it crashes my game entirely, having said that, once my mailbox is open, and I click the "Send Mail" tab, the recipient field seems to be my problem, when I try to type more than one letter into the recipient field I crash... 100% percent of the time... which sucks.

The only workaround I have for this is to enter my recipient into my friends list first, so that I only need type one letter and the name comes up, I have to add and remove friends regularly but at least it functions...

What I have been told to do, and what I have done that does not work, or does not work for long, or makes no difference at all:

1) Completely empty your mailbox
2) Go to a different mailbox and/or zone
3) Disable AddOns
4) Delete AddOns Folder
5) Delete WDB folder
6) Delete WTF folder
7) Leave and rejoin your guild (leaving does help, but problem still exists after rejoining)
8) Stand on one foot, hop, rub tummy and pat head

9) ***Don't be in a guild*** I have an alt unaffected by the mailbox bug, and he is the only alt I have not in a guild. I can switch to my priest who is in a guild, type in one of my alts names and crash... I switch back to my guildless alt, type in the exact name and no crash... in fact I can type anything I want into the recipient box of my guildless alt and nothing happens at all...

Normally I play on Linux, so I thought it might be a problem with "Play on Linux" or "Wine", or even a problem with my laptop, so being the OCD person that I am I the first 8 of the above mentioned suggestions with no positive results, step 7 being the exception, and then switched to my desktop PC, core i7 running windows 10... exactly the same... crash crash crash...

I have been told that it is guild specific and/or that it has to do with too many guild members... but I cannot confirm or deny these statements :)

Edit: I created an alt and got him invited to a different guild than my main, really really low membership, and he can access the guild tab and has not been affected by the mailbox bug, so maybe there is something to the guild population theory...

Edit: Whether I am in Stormwind or Goldshire, Ironforge or Kharanos, the Wetlands or the Barrens, the mailbox bug remains, so moving to a new mailbox and/or zone does nothing.

If you can, please add to this thread by either confirming or debunking what you read here.

I just wanted to post this information in case anyone comes looking for non existent help... you are not alone... but you are screwed...

Good Luck
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Jun 19, 2018
Im having this error too, took me ages to realise it was guild related, is this a new issue? I had only been in a guild for a day
Hiya Narthen, I'm not sure exactly when it began for me, but I've been experiencing it for about the last two weeks... for me it started around the first week of June 2018.
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