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Matt's MC PUG w/ a side of Onyxia - Monday February 6th


Apr 28, 2016
I am hosting a weekly MC and Onyxia PUG. The top performer of the raid (doesn't mean dps, it means PERFORMANCE. It might sound arbitrary but, yeah, it's there) will get his selection of 50g, 2 fiery cores or what is in the mystery box. Do not ask what is in the mystery box, that is what makes it a mystery.

Last Week's Winner: Shard.
Record time in MC: 97 minutes.

Date and time
Monday, February 6th, at approximately 22:00 server time. Invites for MC will start at 21:30 server time.

Voice coms and addons
Everyone is required to be on Risen mumble (info will be provided at the start of raid), and all dps and tanks are required to have the KLH Threatmeter (KTM) addon installed. I also recommend that mages and resto druids install Decursive, but it's not mandatory. An alternative to Decursive would be raid frames that clearly show players that are affected by a curable debuff, such as sraidframes, Luna, xperl, etc. Paladins are required to each have Pallypower.

Who can go?
You must be attuned, and you must have at least some preraid gear to signup. We won't be too picky, but obviously someone in level 20 greens who just hit 60 isn't going to pull his/her weight and will not be invited out of respect for the others that are regulars or that have put in demonstrable effort into bettering their character. If you don't know what your bis preraid gear is or if what you currently have is good enough, you can talk to me about it in-game. If we have more than 40 show up, priority will be given subjectively at my discretion. But suffice to say: reliable regulars and those who have clearly worked hard on their preraid gear typically are given priority.

Loot distribution
Bindings, Band of Accura and ingots are reserved, but everything else will be open to rolls (profession patterns will be random 100 for those with 300 skill). Yes, that does include the eye of sulfuras. All other loot with be free roll, MS > OS. Winning an item will not restrict you in any way from winning more items later on. All green/blue items from trash are given to the raid leader to DE/bank.

Unless otherwise told, I will assume your MS is healer if your class can heal or DPS if it cannot. If, for example, you're a healer and don't need any healing loot, you can switch your MS to something else for loot, but you must do so prior to the raid, and you will not be able to change your MS at any point during the raid. I will flash a macro at before the first pull signaling the last opportunity to do so. Whining about changing your MS later on is pointless and a waste of the group's collective time.

Item Priority
Band of Accuria - Reserved
Robes of Volatile Power - casters/paladins
Azuresong Mageblade - casters
Onslaught Girdle - tanks/dps warriors
Striker's Mark - tanks/dps warriors/rogues
Mana Igniting Cord - casters
Quick Strike Ring - DPS warriors first
Corehound Tooth - dps warriors/rogues
Bonereaver's Edge/Obsidian Edged Blade/Spinal Reaper - warriors who are pve slam spec, then offspec for paladins/warriors
Cloak of Shrouded Mists - hunter
Vendorstrike - Autosharded (Logistically speaking, it is a waste of time to even post up a roll for it)

Head of Onyxia - Melee+Hunters+Tanks (You must be able to come next week to buff the raid group, failure to do so earns a ban on future pug raids. Looting the head is a responsibility towards us. Treat it as such.)

Player expectations
Everyone is expected to pull their own weight. The better you perform, the more likely we're going to want to bring you again the next week. Unreasonably low dps/healing, constant afks, poor behavior/attitude, dicking around causing the death of people who took time to get world buffs, etc are all potential reasons that someone might not be invited back. No one wants to be in MC forever, so we expect everyone to do their best to keep up with a moderately fast pace, and not delay us unduly. Appropriate consumables are expected from everyone attending. Those who are able to bring a Quintessence to put out a rune, please inform the raid leader.

Once MC is cleared, we will be moving to get Onyxia in the briefest of delays. Do you not need Onyxia? That is fine, you may leave. Want to trade your character for another alt? That is fine but have it parked at Onyxia's entrance. The winner of Onyxia's Head may only receive it with the stipulation that they return next week to buff the group (You can pop in, buff and logout if you do not wish to participate). The Onyxia Hide Backpack is rolled on last with a raid roll (E.G.: there are 40 raiders, I will /roll 40, the number 23 pops up, I go to my raid list and give it to the numerically corresponding person.) The Onyxia Scales are reserved and we have our own skinner to do so. If you are on the draconics for dummies quest, loot the quest item, we do NOT wish it to be left on her preventing us from skinning her. Ignorance is not an excuse, these scales are useful towards the Risen BWL PUG. Failure to do so ends in a ban.

If you have questions about anything, please pm Matthieu in-game or on this forum thread.
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