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[MC] Molten Core MC 9 BOSS, chest disapper!!!!! can not find chest to loot gear


New Member
May 22, 2016
hi ,gm,

our guild KOTG fist kill MC 9boss, when we kill bosss , the server shut down , and may back file , and the chest disppear , can u help us .
if u can , ty very much to u .


New Member
Apr 27, 2016
Hi, this is Ray from Lact Act.

The Original Poster is in fact a person from China who doesn't speak much english. I managed to tell him to post here, but telling him what information to post is a bit hard as I do not speak chinese.

Here is a bit of information:
Server crashed after a boss kill, so the loot didnt get distributed.

Guild: KOTG, Raid ID 3
Boss Kill: MajorDomo Executus
Date: June 27th
Items: The Eye of Divinity, Core Hound Tooth, Cauterizing Band
Players Awarded: The Eye of Divinity to Haicheng
Core Hound Tooth to Goldenleft
Cauterizing Band to Sacredmissio
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