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[MC] Molten Core MC Pug hosted by <Praise the Sun>


Apr 8, 2016
Dear Kronos Community,

Praise the Sun is hosting a Molten Core Pug on Sunday, August 14th. Invites start at 18:30. We will bring 20-30 Praise the Sun members to the run. Currently we are still looking for the following classes and roles:

2-3 Holy Priest
2 Resto Druid
2 Resto Shamans
2 Hunters
3 Rogues
2 Mages
2 Warlocks

Loot System: rolling +1 loot distribution (if you got 1 item you wait until others wanting the same loot piece also have gotten one item). Main Spec> Off Spec. More information is in the google form!

Interested? Fill in the google form and we will notify you if/when you have been selected: https://goo.gl/forms/jY6SaXwSKyzzmFSn2

Officer of Praise the Sun
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