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Alliance < Memento Mori > International guild [OPEN]


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May 13, 2016
Memento Mori is recruiting most classes in order to fill some of our core spots in Temple of Ahn'Qiraj.
Currently the classes we seek the most are Mages and Paladins.

Players who believe they excel at their respective class are more then welcome to apply anytime.
Due to the lack of mentioned classes, we are currently on Twin Emps after our first raid day.

A little about our guild

Memento Mori is a relatively new international guild, existing for about 4 months now.
Our officer core consists of veteran WoW players with both server first and EU first retail vanilla experiences.
After forming, we have cleared MC the first day and stormed through BWL during the hard time of DDOS attacks, downing Nefarian and clearing the instance through persistent lag spikes after the server had been brought back.

We are very community based. Our goal is to have fun while raiding and everything else comes second.
-Items are awarded via items loot council to the members who invest time and effort into the guild; help each other and perform well during raids.
The most consistent players are highly valued; high performing trials may also get a shot at loot.

We are looking for:


Raid times: 7:00PM-11:30PM (19:00 - 23:30) Server Time (CET)

Raid days:
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday. Offdays: ZG+AQ20.

Application Website:

(Please note that applications with answers such as only "yes" and "no" will be rejected; please take your time to answer the questions; there are not many.)

If you happen to have any additional questions or concerns; please don't hesitate to PM Indiron or Dance ingame.
-MM Council
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Apr 1, 2016
We are currently looking for up to three reliable Mages. If you are interested in being part of a great community and willing to contribute to it, do not hesitate to apply at http://mementomori-kronos.shivtr.com. It does not matter how experienced you are, but how willing you are to work for our common goal to have a friendly and enjoyable guild atmosphere and to clear all raids.


New Member
Sep 10, 2016
At the moment we are looking for 1-2 active rogues. whisper marlboroke in-game if you have any questions prior to applying.
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