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Other Molten Core Pug Run tonight

May 16, 2015
Hello Kronos Players,

Attention all level 60 players, who have missed their raids or even players who are casual raiders/dungeon farmers and even socials I am attempting to make a
Molten Core pug run because I missed my last raid yesterday.

This even will take place around 7-8 Server time or will be best sorted around peoples flexibility I currently have 20 attendee's MC has been getting cleared by many guilds on this server as a 25 man I have full confidence we will be able to clear it with a little bit of thinking and a big enough size group

FULL CONSUMABLES is a must if you dont bring you will be kicked for ovbious reasons.
Greater Fire Asorb

Send [Husband] a whisper ingame if online or if your reading this now and im not online send a email with your Class and Role!

Thank you
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