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Moradin level 60!


Jun 18, 2015
So I was thinking at what could've been a nice subject for a server event, and I think I finally get it! Why don't we celebrate Moradin as soon as he will reach level 60? Probably most people from ED knows him already, and I think he's quite famous here too already, but basically he's like the slowest levelling RP player EVER!

Maybe we can make a parade all around Ironforge with sexy cheerleaders, music, fireworks, gnomes acrobats and so on. We could've some good time all together and have some beer, I'm pretty sure that Moradin himself wont say no.

Here I'll put a link to armory.twinstar.cz together with a status bar to check his level progression:

[Level 20]

Yeah I guess I could go for Guinness World Records as I'm probably the only living being that after almost 3 years playing WoW has yet to hit 60.

Anyway, I know we will at least have a guild event for when I'm 59 and just a kill away from dinging. This initiative is especially good to me though as any event that can bring people together is what builds the best moments... Warzone events held on ED are still one of the fondest memories I have from that realm.

As Ray Charles used to say, we'll see... :cool2:

EDIT: By the way I'm no RPer, time to bust this myth I say. :innocent:
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Is that gonna happen before or after CoreCraft releases?

Cast your votes!
Alas, this event will never happen as this venerable dwarf is cursed by the lvl 20 curse and will never rise above lvl 20.

However the perceptive player will notice a certain lvl 60 that is meeting up with Commander Moradin a suspicious number of times during the week.. It's almost as if they have some sort of mysterious bond......

On the RPing: If you pressure him gently he will eventually fold and play along, but often he is too busy ( working for the community)
Warzone events held on ED are still one of the fondest memories I have from that realm.

Oh my, Emerald Dream and insane PvP Warzone in Azshara,

I won't ever forget Team Plague Versus Showtime's guild (I got to experience it on my Level 60 Undead Warlock in Showtime's guild) and that memory, so fond and so clear!
Man, I am lucky that I am at alliance than!

BTW, how can he be known, since he is asking every day in guild chat to ignore him?
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