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MULTIBOX programs!


New Member
Aug 23, 2014
They have already prevented bot's and whenever something new arrises they fix it so i wouldnt worry about bots.

Also you are forgetting once a multibox character is lvl 60, all that remains are benefits, while leveling as said they also have a few perks that allow them to lvl faster or better while in lvl range of a dungeon. but as said the worst happens once a multiboxer engages in pvp, world or bg it results in the same even if he is just defending himself 5v1 if its a player vs player the one with the most accounts wins nomatter how horrendous his skill is.

lets not forget vanilla lowered the amount of multiboxers to the point where they seemed extinct 99% of the time and you hardly ever saw them but since private servers cannot set a price on account it becomes a balance issue.
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