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Question Multiboxing question. Gm answer please.


New Member
May 22, 2022
Hi there, ppl in my guild say i can not multibox. Oke. No problem.
Picture this: me and my wive (or daughter who actually is playing this game) are having a dull sunday afternoon. I ask here to play WOW whit me. She doesn't have an account. No problem i say, i have 2. She play one account, i play the other. Is this multiboxing? Can I play together with my wive and or daughter?

I didn't need that explanation Lukasal, but thx anyway :)
I am afraid the question is to difficult.
The answer is no this is not multiboxing, its just playing on 2 accounts. Multiboxing is if you are using a third party software to automatically mirror keystrokes to multiple game clients.But you can play wow accounts side by side without a problem as long as there is no softwere involved👍
Ironic when you consider where and what your playing on, duel boxing whoopty do. botting bad
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