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Must Have: Lazy Pig addon


New Member
Oct 26, 2014
This is a very good addon everyone should have, kudos goes to the creator Ogrisch I'm only reposting it here.

If you are a raid leader you would be happy that your entire guild has this addon. Auto-invite from guild members makes people instantly join the raid. Auto-accept summon avoids having to summon afk people multiple times. The auto-accept ress functions avoids people needing to get rezzed for multiple times and there is no need to wait for buffing until that afk dead guy is back.

A feature I like too is you hold shift when you are at a vendor and it automatically sells you gray items and repairs your gear.

All features can be disabled at your own convenience.


Official readme:
_LazyPig Wow 1.12.1

This mod is mostly for lazy people. Some of the addon's functions may not work if you're using not en/us localized client. To open configuration menu type /lp
Addons with similar functionality you don't need anymore

  • Auto Profit
  • Ez Dismount
  • Automaton
  • Quick Loot
  • Block Salvation
Keybindings and Key Combinations explained

IMPROVED RIGHT CLICK - Enable this functionality by selecting checkbox from the menu

    • Drag and Drop Item into Mail, Trade, Auction Window
    • Search Auction House for selected item
CONFIGURABLE KEY BINDINGS - You may bind any action from the list below using standard game Key Binding menu

  • Logout(default is alt+shift+ctrl)
  • Reload UI
  • Stuck
  • Target WSG FC/Duel Request-Cancel
  • Drop WSG Flag/Remove Slow Fall Buff
SPECIAL KEY COMBINATIONS - Enable this functionality by selecting checkbox from the menu

    • follow player(if friendly player targeted)
    • inspect player
    • bid auction(if auction browse frame is open and item selected)
    • send mail(if item is attached to the mail)
    • create auction(if auction create frame is open and item attached)
    • buy auction(if auction browse frame is open and item selected)
    • confirm pop-up window(select yes button)
    • initiate-accept trade(if friendly player targeted)
EASY SPLIT MERGE - Enable this functionality by selecting checkbox from the menu

  • Press Shift + Right Click on stacked item once to enable splitting mode. Set output number by using alt(inscrease) or ctrl(decrease). Afterwards press Shift+Right Click to split stack
  • By opening send mail or auction sell window, item splitter will activate itself
GOSSIP AUTOPROCESSING - Enable this functionality by selecting checkbox from the menu

  • by pressing Shift + Right Click on NPC it will automatically process single choice dialog windows
NON CONFIGURABLE ENHANCEMENTS - This functionality is permanently enabled

  • Hold Shift Key while Merchant's window is open(Grey Items Sell/Repair)
  • Hold Shift Key and finish quest once to record steps while interacting with quest NPC(Repeatable Quest Auto-Complete)
  • Hold Alt Key to Pickup/Complete quests(Quest Auto-PickUp/Auto-Complete)
Big thanks to mrmr for improving addon's GUI

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Nov 18, 2014
Yeah, this Addon is amazing, makes so many things a lot easier.

Especially the automatic dismount is a great feature, as well as the auto-selling of grey items.
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