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My friends and I have an improv RP / oldschool machinima series

Feb 27, 2019
The Lion's Pride Inn, Stormwind, Azeroth

So as the title says my friends and I are creating a machinima series on youtube, inspired by the likes of Oxhorn, Jesse Cox, Crendor, and Baka Savants. I do most of the editing, and also act as one of the characters. It's mostly just made up on the spot, with very basic plot outlines thought up before the episode *sometimes*. I'm pretty damn proud of the series and I think it's getting better and better with each episode. However, I haven't really promoted it besides trying to get all my friends and snapchat followers to watch it occasionally so the videos don't get many views (10 average). I don't do this for the views but I upload these because I want people to enjoy them and maybe even get a few people into WoW. So, I've created this post for two reasons.

1.) I figured what better place to post this than a Kronos forum, considering I use Kronos (I) for the videos (mostly). Also I couldn't post on the Blizzard forums; it'd probably get removed for promoting private server usage. I feel if anyone is going to enjoy this kind of series, it'll be Vanilla players. So I'd like for some of you to see this stuff, and it would mean a lot if you gave feedback in any way.

2.) We need helpers. Or collaborators. The main cast of the series is Coyote, (who mostly plays as Phillbert and Palindin), Rose, (who plays as Valerie and now Wuo), and me, who plays as Elytra as well as Lisl. We also play as some smaller characters occasionally. We've had plenty of guest appearances, but it is very hard to get them to show up for more than one episode due to busyness (Coyote, Rose and I don't have lives so we're never busy). Basically, we need actors. Or editors. Or anything really. You can just do voice acting if you don't have Kronos I, you can just do "body acting" (avatar acting) if you don't want to use your voice, you can help partake in a raid or a dungeon. Literally anything of help would be of help :) If you did anything to help, your prefered name/username/whatever would be put in our credits and description. If you wanted we could link you to our YouTube channel. Cross promotion is another valid form of help.

Anyways, I hope you like our series. We're almost ready to wrap up our next arc in about 4 or 5 more episodes. We've got a lot in store for the second arc... (we dont know wtf were gonna do besides a very basic idea but the basic idea is fucking killer man)
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